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Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Eyewear

Eyewear is essential, and required for competitive play. Fashion sense is not worth permanent loss of vision and eyewear has come a long way in performance and style. If you need additional motivation to wear eyewear, send us an email and we will share some pictures of those who regret not having worn eyewear on the court!

Step 1: Anti Fogging

Fogging is the most common excuse for not wearing eyewear, and a good one. It is difficult to focus on the game when your vision is fogging up, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Anti-fog Coating:
    Just about every pair of eyewear has an anti-fog coating applied to the lens from the factory. These coatings wear off over time from sweat, cleaning, storage etc. If your eyewear is fogging up constantly, a new pair is the best solution. For a cheaper price, you can purchase anti-fog spray.
  • Vented Lenses: More and more eyewear now feature vented lenses, so look for these to help alleviate your fogging problem. The vents increase airflow and reduce heat and condensation to stop fog before it happens.
  • Fit: Choosing an eyewear that does not sit too close to your face will reduce fogging during play.

Step 2: Choose a Lens Style

Lens style is personal preference and really does not affect the performance of the eyewear.

  • One Piece Lens
    • Features an uninterrupted lens from left to right
    • Has a 1 piece nose pad
    • Generally features a wider lens, covering more of the face than a 2-piece lens design
  • Two Piece
    • Two separate lenses, similar to traditional sunglasses
    • Separate nose pads – more susceptible to falling off and getting lost
    • Often feature a smaller profile and smaller lenses than one-piece

Step 3: Extra Features

  • Interchangeable Lenses: Some eyewear feature interchangeable lenses allowing for adaptability to different lighting conditions
    • Clear Lens: For normal indoor lighting conditions
    • Blue Lens: Enhances indoor court and ball visibility
    • Amber Lens: Ideal for dark courts to brighten lighting or at dusk when playing outdoors
    • Tinted / Sunglass: Ideal for sunny, outdoor play
  • Prescription Adaptable: Normal glasses are not the ideal protection on the court as they are not designed to withstand high impact, and can cause greater injury as a result.
    • Unique Rx Specs: These old school style eyewear are prescription lens adaptable with the help of your optometrist. Check them out here
    • Ektelon Quantum: These over the glasses style eyewear will get the job done without breaking your wallet. Check them out here
  • Adjustable Frame: One size fits most is not always ideal for the minority not included in ‘most.’
    • Wilson nVue: These are the only eyewear with both adjustable arms and adjustable nosepieces. While you pay for quality, you will not be disappointed. Check them out here

Step 4: Make a Choice

We understand that it is nearly impossible to determine fit without trying them on. If you receive your new eyewear from Racquetball Warehouse and realize they do not fit as you expected – just send them back! We have free return shipping for this reason so please take advantage of it. If you have any questions, just contact us.