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Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Grip

The grip is the connection between your hand and the racquet, making it an important part of your equipment decision. They are also inexpensive, so experimenting will not break the bank. If you have always used a factory grip, read on as we break down exactly what you have been missing.

Step 1: What are you using now? Wrap or Rubber…

  • Wrap Grips:
    A synthetic leather grip that is wrapped around the handle, starting at the butt cap, like that on a baseball bat. Standard on E-Force, Head and Gearbox racquets.
    • Benefit: Greater absorption, leading to less slippage. Natural cushion.
    • Downside: Limited tackiness, shorter lifespan

  • Rubber Grips:
    A rubber tube that slides over the un-gripped racquet handle and secured with an adhesive. Standard on Ektelon, Wilson, and Pro Kennex racquets.
    • Benefit: Increased tackiness and grip from available tread
    • Downside: Very limited absorption – slippery when wet. Will increase handle size and is susceptible to tearing.

Step 2: Which is best for you?

Wrap Grip Types

  • Smooth
    • Benefit: Thinnest grip available for maximum handle feel
    • Downside: Less traction, lower durability
  • Perforated
    • Benefit: Increased absorption/ventilation/evaporation to reduce slippage
    • Downside: Thicker grip
  • Contoured
    • Benefit: Ridges add texture and grip
    • Downside: Thicker grip
  • Tackified
    • Benefit: Increased grip from tackified coating
    • Downside: Harder to make quick grip changes

Rubber Grip Types

  • Smooth
    • Benefit: Higher tackiness, thinnest rubber grip
    • Downside: Highest amount of slippage when wet, low durability
  • Extruded Tread
    • Benefit: Most aggressive grip available, higher durability
    • Downside: Thickest rubber grip equates to an increased handle size
  • Recessed Tread
    • Benefit: Increases grip without increasing thickness
    • Downside: Moderate amount of slippage when wet

Step 3: Installation

If you have never installed a grip on your racquet before, do not worry! We have some helpful content here to get you on your way:

Wrap Grip Installation

Supplies: New Grip, Scissors

Check out our video that breaks down the straightforward wrap installation
View Wrap Grip Installation Video Here

Rubber Grip Installation

Supplies: New Grip, Adhesive (we recommend Gasgacinch)

Check out our video that breaks down the simple rubber installation
View Rubber Grip Installation Video Here

Step 4: Grip it and Rip it

Now that you have a brand new grip on your racquet it’s time to take it out and rip some balls. If you are making a significant change in grip styles it will take a couple of games to get used to, but ideally you will end up with a better performing grip. Hopefully this guide has been useful but if you have any further questions, please contact us.