E-Force has two different styles of racquetball eyewear for different player preferences. Both the Dual Focus Eyewear, with a two piece lens design, and the Crystal Wrap Eyewear, with a one piece lens design, feature vented lenses, adjustable length arms, and extra nose pieces for the best performance and fit possible. Both styles meet and exceed the ASTM impact standards required for racquetball.

With only a few sets of string for sale, you better believe E-Force did something right. Used by top touring pro Chris Crowther the E-Force Oxygen String is specifically designed with racquetball racquets in mind. Composed of over 1200 filaments, E-Force strings are engineered to have more playable characteristics at the lower tensions racquetball racquets are strung at.

E-Force is a graphite composite company that has been focused on racquetball for a very long time. New for the 2016-2017 season is the Darkstar racquet line featuring an even more durable graphite frame construction plus Zero Richter Tubes X2 which are longer than the original design for even more vibration dampening.

E-Force Grommets can be found here.

E-Force bags are specially designed to have dedicated compartments for all of your gear and accessories. Their signature exterior racquet compartment saves interior space and is the perfect holster for your new Apocalypse, Heatseeker 3.0 or Lethal Reload racquet.

Coming from a racquetball only company, E-Force racquetball gloves have some unique features that set them apart from other gloves in the industry. Their top glove, the E-Force Chill, is the only glove to feature full perforated leather throughout for maximum breathability and airflow.