As the youngest company, Gearbox has now introduced their 3rd full line of racquets. The MX1 introduces an extended concave head now encompassing 45% of the frame as well as power bevels to further liven the string bed and add to their legendary durability. The MX1 170T Racquet, used by #3 IRT Pro Alvaro Beltran, is built to win straight out of the package.

Gearbox Grommets can be found here.

Gearbox is a high-end brand, and their bags are not any different. Gearbox bags feature ample storage space, organization compartments and extra durable materials.

Gearbox racquetball takes pride in being unique in the industry; the Movement Glove fits the company image. The Movement Glove features a thick leather throughout for impressive durability and great comfort after a short break-in period.

You can trust Gearbox with the safety of your eyes. The Gearbox Vision Racquetball Eyewear meets and exceeds ASTM impact standards required for racquetball. Remember...eyewear is for safety, not just for fashion.

Gearbox is one of the newer manufacturer's to the racquetball game but that doesn't mean they're new to the sport. The owner has been in the racquetball business for decades and his engineering background gives their product a unique connection to the business. Gearbox offers two different strings, a multifilament for power, and a monofilament for control and durability. You can bet these strings were designed with a lot of thought behind them and that is evident from the large following they've cultivated in the few years of being in business and pro players like Anthony Herrera and Alvaro Beltran using their product.
Gearbox introduced this new racquetball to complete their product line and lifestyle brand. It has a consistent bounce with good visibility.