HEAD's unique frame design delivers optimal stiffness and a solid feel thanks to the innovative IGS2 (Inner Grommet System) and graphene, the world's strongest and lightest material. The 2016-2017 GrapheneXT Radical Series racquets feature graphene integrated into the racquet shaft, making them more stable and allowing for an optimized redistribution of weight. Used by several top men and women touring pros, the HEAD Graphene Radical Racquet Series is the most technologically advanced racquets HEAD has ever designed.

Head offers different styles of racquetball eyewear for different preferences and different fits. The Pro Elite Eyewear and 2016-2017 Icon Pro models offer the best lightweight, low profile comfort while the PowerZone Shield features a one-piece vented lens.

HEAD has proven themselves as an innovative and successful company in multiple sports and racquetball is no exception. Used by top touring pro's like Rocky Carson and Paola Longoria, HEAD knows how to produce quality products to fit the need of all levels of racquetball players. MegaBlast String offers a solid combination of pop and durability.

Head is back in the shoe game with an exciting and colorful new line. The lightest shoes HEAD has come out with in years, the Sprint Pro Shoe is designed for the quick mover. Supported by a 6-month outsole guarantee, the Sprint Pro's are a great addition to an impressive HEAD racquetball line.

HEAD Grommets can be found here.

HEAD has consistently produced some of the top bags for quality, features, and appearance. HEAD bags often feature Climate Control Technology to protect your equipment in extreme temperatures, or to keep a few drinks cold while you play. You can't go wrong with HEAD.

Head racquetball gloves share the same aggressive nature as their racquets with dive padding on a majority of their glove models. The Airflow Tour Glove features a unique perforated palm for maximum breathability. The AMP Pro Glove is one of the most comfortable gloves thanks to the padding on the ring and pinky finger.

Penn Racquetballs are the most well known and most widely used balls in racquetball. The Penn Ultra Blue is a staple of recreational play while the Pro Penn HD is the official ball of the IRT (International Racquetball Tour).