ProKennex racquetball gloves are a best seller at Racquetball Warehouse with the Pure 1 Glove leading the pack. The Pure 1 features premium Pittards Leather and a pre-curved fit for the best out of the package comfort available.

Find your balance with the 2014-15 ProKennex Counter Balance Series! ProKennex has shifted the kinetic technology from the top of the racquet down into the handle, essentially taking away head weight while maintaining feel and performance for a more maneuverable experience. While continuing the tradition of their two most popular technologies, Force Flow and Kinetic, ProKennex has created new frames that are still power-focused. Used by the #1 pro player in the world, Kane Waselenchuk, the Kinetic FCB 175 racquet makes it easy to crush drive serves and power through forehand swings with stability and accuracy.

ProKennex has gone with a more classy and refined look for 2013. The 2013 Krowning Moment bags feature white and silver accents on black, as well as a new, stylish, red and black.

ProKennex racquetball eyewear, where style meets function. The Infinity Eyewear offers subtle styling with the all clear frame and lightweight feel on your face. The Shadow Eyewear features a small profile and is ideal for smaller faces.

Used by the #1 player in the world, Kane Waselenchuk, ProKennex doesn't need to produce an exorbitant amount of strings. Their Liquid 17 string is not only backed by the #1 player, but many other players, from beginning to advanced as being a very soft, comfortable string to play with at a great price.
ProKennex Grommets can be found here.

The ProKennex Outdoor Championship racquetball is an outdoor racquetball, built for speed and durability. If you're looking for a new color and play the outdoor game, this is a great ball to try.