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Find your balance with the 2014-15 ProKennex Counter Balance Series! ProKennex has shifted the kinetic technology from the top of the racquet down into the handle, essentially taking away head weight while maintaining feel and performance for a more maneuverable experience. While continuing the tradition of their two most popular technologies, Force Flow and Kinetic, ProKennex has created new frames that are still power-focused. Used by the #1 pro player in the world, Kane Waselenchuk, the Kinetic FCB 175 racquet makes it easy to crush drive serves and power through forehand swings with stability and accuracy.

ProKennex 2014 Kinetic FCB 170 Racquet



ProKennex 2014 Kinetic FCB 175 Racquet

$229.95, Review, Feedback

ProKennex 2014 Kinetic FCB 165 Racquet

$229.95, Review, Feedback

ProKennex 2013 KM FFT F165 Racquet

$199.95, Review, Feedback

ProKennex 2012 KM FFT F175 Racquet


$189.95, Review, Feedback

ProKennex 2012 KM FFT F185 Racquet


$99.00, Review, Feedback

ProKennex Kinetic KM 700 170 Racquet

$169.95, Feedback

ProKennex 2013 Kinetic KM 750 175 Racquet


$99.99, Feedback

ProKennex Kinetic Quad 500 165 Racquet

$149.95, Feedback

ProKennex 2013 HC2 Quad 170 Racquet


ProKennex HC2 170 Racquet


ProKennex Shadow 170 Racquet


ProKennex Shadow 180 Racquet


ProKennex 2013 FFT Carbon 195 Racquet

$69.95, Feedback

ProKennex 2013 KM 175 Pro Racquet

$69.95, Feedback

ProKennex Kinetic 20G Racquet

ProKennex X-Quake Racquet



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