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Gamma 5003 w/ 2-Point SC Mount Stringing Machine

Comments: This is a solid, well constructed machine that is very easy to use. It is also very accurate with its tension. I tested the tension when I first put it together and it was off 4 lbs. I made the simple adjustments per the manual that comes with it and it has been spot on. I've strung about 50 racquets since I calibrated it and it is still accurate to the pound. I had to purchase a calibrater seperately. I wasn't sure about the 2 point vs. the 6 point because I have never strung a racquet before. I can tell you the 2 point keeps the racquet held with no issues. This machine was more expensive than what I initially wanted to spend, but it is very solid and should last me for many years to come. If you are going to string racquets for others and make a few $$ for your labor, I would highly recommend this product. After lots of research on stringing machines and talking to other people who string, the GAMMA 5003 w/2 point is what I purchased and I have not had any regrets.

From: Jason, VA, USA, 10/12

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