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Gamma 5800 ELS w/ 6-Point SC Mount Stringing Machine

Comments: I have had my 5800 now for more then a month and it is a good machine. I had the Gamma 6004 before I upgraded to the 5800. The only real thing I would change is the mounting system on the 5800. The set up time is just too long. The 6900, and and some of the other high-end machine including my old 6004 have a much better mounting system. The good news I was able to change the mounts from the 6004 to the 5800. But that is not the point for the money you should be able to get the better mounts. For very soft strings the grip seems to flatten the string, and no amount of adjusting seems to get it so it will not flatten the string. I have been stringing for four years.
From: Paul, AZ, USA, 12/10

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