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Gamma Progression II 602 FC Stringing Machine

Comments: Works great and easy to use.  I don't have a problem with the drop weight.  I've done about 2 dozen rackets so far and string my own about once a month using multifilament.  Tension is consistent enough for me as I can't tell the difference between one stringing versus others using the same string and tension.  I can feel a big difference between different strings, different tensions and different gauges.  Having a machine allows me to experiment, changing one variable at a time.  I have now settled in on my favorite string, gauge and tension.  If I was a higher level player like some of the reviewers that don't seem to get consistent results, I might then see a difference.  But for my level, it's great.  I enjoy using the fixed clamps because it was how rackets were strung when I was a kid.
From: Biron, Jersey City, NJ, USA, 12/16
Skill-level: 3.5 

Comments: I began stringing about 10 years ago using an old school 2 clamp drop weight. It did a fine job but time and overuse caught up to it. My wife bought me this machine 2 years ago and it is absolutely ideal for tournament players who need to string often and can bring it on the road. Never had a problem with my 95" frame. I string about 2 times a month. Not recommended for using for business purposes. I'm a senior tournament level player in the 3.5s.
From: Stephen, 12/13

Comments: The mounting system and the clamps aren't as good as those $5000 high-end machines (i.e., a bit less sturdy when you secure the clamp at the base), but they are more than adequate for personal use. The drop weight tensioner, however, will always give you consistent tension. That's simple physics. If you don't get consistent tension, you are not doing it correctly.
From: LiTai, 10/13

Comments: Inconsistent mounting system, does NOT secure tennis racquets properly. Can cause warping and break frames. I do not recommend this machine, spend more money for something better.
From: John, 3/12

Comments: Solid machine but tension is too inconsistent. Recommend getting the crank machine version of this machine (STII). Pay the extra money, you will be happier with your speed and results.
From: Dan, 12/11

Comments: Very solid machine. My main problem was getting the drop weight to consistently end in a horizontal position. This seemed to result in a somewhat inconsistent string tension. I ended up buying the Wise 2086 electronic head tensioner and have attached this to the stringer. I have strung 3 rackets with the Wise head so far. It has dramatically increased my stringing speed and tension consistency. It has been very easy to use - highly recommended.
From: Ken, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA, 02/11

Comments: I bought this machine two months ago and I have strung several racquets with it. I think it is a fine machine and capable of achieving a quality string job, however it did not come with adequate instructions. Fortunately, I have found some helpful videos on Youtube so I am able to use the machine, otherwise I would have spent a lot more in time and string trying to figure it out.
From: Jeff, Saint Paul, MN, USA, 01/11

Comments: This machine is a tank! As a former Eagnas owner (Flex 940), I can say with absolute certainty, that the quality of this machine (Progression II 602 FC) is infinitely better. Every single piece (i.e. clamps, knobs, shoulders, mounts, etc.) is 3 times larger/thicker/heavier than what my previous machine had. The quality, durability, and ease of stringing that comes with owning a Gamma is unmatched. It's just not possible to build a more rock solid machine.
From: Kevin, Orlando, FL, USA, 08/10
5.0 tournament player

Comments: Great machine I just ordered mine after trying my coaches, easy to use, works well, good and sturdy for someone who doesn't want to spend a ton of money on an electric or manual one; the drop weights work just fine.
From: Brent, Snohomish, WA, USA. 3/07

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