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Comments:  Couldn't be more disappointed in this shoe.  New Balance has seen the last of my dollars after two bad pairs in a row.  Great fit on this shoe and the gum sole is the best for courts,  But.....there simply is ZERO arch support.  NONE!  After 7 games, I'm off to a Podiatrist for the first time.  Switched to a NIKE court shoe.
From: JP
City, State, Country:LA, CA 06/10
Skill-level: C

Comments: With a size 15 there wasn't much choice, but if there were the 653 still would be tops. The fit, comfort and stability are all there. I've worn New Balance XT 600 series shoes for gen use for years and these have the same outstanding durability and quality.
From: Vic
City, State, Country: Connecticut 12/09
Skill-level: C/B

Comments: This is my first-ever pair of New Balance shoes, and I am very impressed.  True to size, comfortable, stable, no-nonsense shoe that performs flawlessly on the court.  Great traction.  No break-in needed.  And (as always) quick shipping/great service from 
From: Eric
City, State, Country: Seattle, WA 12/09
Skill-level: Open

Comments: I have had two pairs of these, and will never use another court shoe! Great comfort and support. My favorite shoe ever for any court sport.
From: Gary Gaiotti
Tallahassee, FL 11/09
Skill-level: A Level RB - Table Tennis Player

Comments: Great shoe, period! I'd say best show for the $$. Very good lateral support for the quick player that runs around a lot. It gives good support when you plant and shoot.
From: Caleb
Kansas City, MO
Skill-level: B

Comments: Very comfortable. Could use a little more support/padding in heels. Overall, very good.
From: Matt
Florida 03/08
Skill-level: C+

Racquetball Warehouse Play Tester: Kyle Merritt

Foot Type: Normal foot size 11, D width.

Hours Tested: 20+

Break in Required? Yes, but very minimal (4-5 games). As with most shoes they increase in comfort after a couple of uses.

Comfort 1 2 3 4 5
Comments: They were pretty stiff compared to previous shoes, but after wearing them for a while my feet were fine and the broke in nicely.

Arch Support 1 2 3 4 5
Comments: Pretty poor arch support. A very flat shoe, not recommended for arch support.

Foot Support / Stability 1 2 3.5 4 5
Comments: Very stable shoe. No blisters or pressure marks but do not expect a whole lot of cushion inside; the shoe is very stiff.

Traction 1 2 3 4 5
Comments: This shoe has great traction. I chose this shoe for it's sole pattern and tread and have not slipped at all. I can push off nicely, even in dusty courts.

Looks 1 2 3 4 5
Comments: Very clean and mature look. Nothing too drastic.

Overall Rating 1 2 3.5 4 5
Comments: A good overall shoe, I will probably try something else next time.

What did you like about this shoe?
The low cut and the traction; these shoes have good grip.

What did you dislike about this shoe?
Comfort. These shoes are a little hard on the feet.

Comments: I am an A player and this shoe is a step down from the old model. My feet are killing me. The 652 was a much better shoe.
From: Victor
Milford, CT USA 06/07

Comments: Shoes fit great right out of the box, put them on and played 3 games! Awesome shoe, would highly recommend.
From: Glenn
Wilkesboro, NC, USA 04/07

Comments: WOW! These shoes are like a magnet to wood, Fit like a shoe should, and feel like your favorite pillow! I play 2x week and have serious knee problems. I have only been able to wear New Balance shoes while walking and these keep me playing!
From: James Hayes
Jacksonville, NC USA 03/07

Comments: This is a great shoe. I have been using this shoe heavily and the laces wore out before there was any discernable wear in the outsole. The herring bone pattern provides great tack and pivot. It also has a roomy toebox which is nice for people with longer toes.

Comments: Wow!! What comfort for a racquetball shoe, have tried many shoes before and have not found this comfort and traction in one shoe. Have been playing racquetball for 16 years- 2 to 3 times a week-Thanks New Balance!
From:A.J. El Paso,Texas

Comments: A major improvement over last year's model. More support & cushion with the same great traction. This model simply fits better, & that is a big deal in racquetball playing 2-3 times a week !!
From: Al
Searcy, AR 4/21/06

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