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ASO Epigel Elbow Support Brace Universal

Comments: Used this device for approximately 2 months and experienced good results; however, I have learned the hard way that it my not be for me. I play racquetball for long periods of time and sweat a great deal. I noticed that when my sweat gets between the gel pads and my arm it slips off. This is very annoying when you are in the middle of a game and have to readjust it after making a hard shot.
From: Angel, Texas, USA, 10/13
Skill-level: A 

Comments: First impression was that this was high quality, convenient and comfortable. But during the operation it became clear that wasn't the case.
From: Viktor, Korolev, Russia, 2/13

Comments: This is the best and most comfortable brace that I've used. What is great about this brace is the fact that you can move the two gel pads to a specific location, helping to eliminate any pain that you may be experiencing.
From: Chris, Tacoma, WA, USA 12/09

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