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Ashaway UltraKill 18 RB String

Comments: The string plays great if you like plenty of pop and spin on the ball.  Remember to set the stringer at 20% less tension or it will play like plywood.  That means less tension is better for this string. If you use the manufactured racquet tension you will hate this string and it will more than likely break early.  As a stringer and fan of the string I use it at lower than 20% string tension.  THE BAD: It does not last as long as the 17g but it's fun while it last. 
From: Roy, NJ, USA, 11/13
Skill-level: A, have played for over 25 years 

Comments: I always played with pro kennex racquets and so I have used the pk liquid 17 in the past and have really liked it. But I recently switched to the ektelon black ex03 with the ektelon premiere power. Got a say it was a great string but I wanted to change the tension due to being at such a high altitude. The only reason I did not go with the stock string was because of the price ( 15) for a single string job. So I tried this out and strung the racquet at 37lbs and my second racquet at 35lbs. The accuracy was there but i really did not like the feel of the string. I felt like I was hitting with a wooden club and was just not a fan. I decided to pull the strings out and since the price of the ektelon string was the same as the top of the line technifibre I went for the tech.... man o man!! LOVE IT. I guess at the end of the day for me I would rather have a great feel, great accuracy, and enjoy my racquet even if it means I spend a little extra on it.
From: Josh
Reno, Nv, USA 02/10
Skill-level: B

Comments: I have been using the 18g GB Multi Premium string on my GB 250 165g racquet and haven't really had any issues. I am primarily a power player not too many soft shots. I have been stringing for a couple of years so when I heard about Ashaways new string I decided to give it a shot(18g). I read the initial review mentioned and was surprised of the results. I was hoping for better results but as it was Ashaways Ultrakill did not live up to expectation. It broke after only one week where as my 18g GB has not broke after 5 weeks. I would like to mention the feel of this string was a bit nicer than the GB string. Next I will try the 17g.
From: James
City, State, Country: TX, US 02/10
Skill-level: Elite

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