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Championship Racquetball

Comments: This comment below me says it all. This book is the racquetball bible, if anything. Improve your forehand, backhand, shot selection, emotional and mental toughness to keep your head up during matches and before matches. This book has improved my game greatly, I was never able to perform at my fullest or do the shots I know I was capable of doing in tournaments. Don't know what it was, I could play my best in practice at my home club, but as soon as I go to a tournament somewhere else, my forehand gets weak, and everything just skips. But with the techniques and teachings in this book I followed and I made it to the finals in 2 divisions in a tournament I just played in this past weekend! If you really imply seriously 1/10 of the material read from this book, you will improve greatly.
From: Ken, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 12/11
Skill-level: B+

Comments: With this book, Fran Davis and Jason Mannino leave nothing uncovered about the sport of racquetball. If you apply just one tenth of the information in this book, your game will excel. Tactics, toughness, specific drills, technique...everything you need is in this book. In my mind, Best. Racquetball. Book. Ever.

From: William, Tacoma, WA, USA, 10/11
Skill-level: C

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