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Dunlop Synthetic S-Gut 16 String

Comments: I'm not a hybrid guy, but lately, I've been having issues with a sore elbow. I've been very reluctant to go away from having to use a co-poly in my string bed so the only option it seemed was to go with some kind of a cross that would be arm friendly but would allow for spin. This is the perfect cross string! Paired with Black Widow 17g, for the first time in months I am not needing arm support, and have no need to string low. I play with a 16x18 frame and this string at 56 lbs and Black Widow at 59 lbs which gives me more than enough pop, spin, and power that I need with great control. My advice though would be to let the strings settle in for a day before playing or it will feel a little stiff. But after that, let it rip!
From: Chris, 4/15

Comments: Came back to syn-gut after going crazy with polys over the summer! So far these strings haven't bothered my arm. They have a semi-soft feel, good control, a little above average spin, and don't move very much. I strung these at 53 lbs in a 1 piece set-up. Also these are the yellow ones and think I will try the black or white next time. Senior 4.0 player, strung in Babolat stick
From: Doug, 1/15

Comments: This is a very arm-friendly and soft string. It's an excellent, economic string for those learning how to string their own racquets, especially if you have a drop-weight stringer. It provides lots of pop and decent spin.
From: Mark, 11/14

Comments: Fantastic stuff for a cross string in a hybrid, especially with Black Widow 17G in the mains (my setup is 50/52 lbs). It's easy to string, with good feel and great playability for the price. Best of all, the sound the ball makes coming off of the strings. This is a great buy and highly recommended from a 5.0 Babolat- sponsored teaching pro.
From: Quinn, 8/12

Comments: I love this stuff. It has a good soft feel, durability isn't terrific but better than some. It is my favorite synthetic so far.
From: Rod, 4/12

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