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Comments: I have an older version of the [Medium Bag] and I find it to be just the right size for all my clothes and gear including my sneakers for daily use. I've been playing 3 times a week for over 40 years and I've had the same mid-sized bag for many years without a problem.
From: Nate, Seattle, WA, USA, 04/15
Skill-level: solid B 

Comments: [E-Force Medium Bag] I liked all the pockets but it's about a year old and it's ripped down the whole length of the top zipper.  Not really reparable.  Don't think I did anything to it either .   Disappointed.  So now I''m back on the site looking for a replacement.
From: Rich, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 11/14
Skill-level: Low-B, High-C 

Comments: The E-Force Medium Bag is a piece of garbage. The zipper fell apart after a few months and the inside pocket tie fell off within a few days. The company does not stand behind its product to offer an exchange.  
From: Ken, NY, USA, 10/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: E-Force Medium Bag is Junk.  The zippers are detached from the bag after several months of use.
From: Baller, Miami, FL, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: Do not purchase the E-Force Medium Bag. It is not durable or sewn very well. Like Remo M's bag, my bag has torn in two spots along the zipper seams. I bought my bag Feb 2013 and used it in the winter and late fall of this year. In total, I probably used the bag for about 4 or 5 months. Now I have to figure out how to repair it or take a gamble on another racquetball bag. Someone should test these bags out before they sell them. I don't mind paying  $60 bucks for a bag, but it should last. Hell, I would pay $100-$150 for a well made bag. 
From: Miles H., Fargo, ND, USA, 11/13
Skill-level: B+/A- 

Comments: The E-Force Medium Bag is the perfect size, right amount of compartments but the craftsmanship is bad. After 6 months, the bag ripped from the seams near the zippers in two areas, by the shoulder strap and next the end-compartment zippers (the zippers still in good condition).  I'm tired to walk around with a ripped bag, so I'm switching to the Gearbox Club Classic bag, a few of my friends have it and it seems to be holding up quite well. 
From: Remo M., Houston, TX, USA, 07/13
Skill-level: Elite 

Comments: Purchased this E-Force Medium Bag for my dad for fathers day since he plays with E-Force racquets and he LOVES it... to me the bag has plenty of room seems to be made very well for the cost.
From: Cory, Laveen, AZ, USA, 06/13

Comments: I consistently purchase E-Force racquets, so I thought I would try their Backpack bag. Huge Mistake. Overall the bag feels flimsy, the primary zipper design of the bag just doesn't "feel" right, and when trying to unzip/zip the bag, you have to deal with the glove drying cord in your way. I'm very disappointed and will probably purchase a different bag right away rather than endure this from week to week. Total waste of $40.
From: Martin, Destin, FL, USA, 03/12
Skill-level: C+

Comments: Just got this club's really a bit small if you bring your shoes...racquets fit fine. No ball compartment or eye guard pocket, or water bottle slot either. The old medium bag was a better way to go if you bring anything but racquets. POOR design work by a bunch of guys claiming to know about racquetball, honestly.
From: Klaus, OH, USA

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