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Comments: Good power and feel but having problems with braking strings.  Returned 2 racquets and problem continued.  Now use this as an expensive backup to avoid the cost of restringing every 2-3 weeks.  
From: Neal, Allentown, PA, USA, 03/15
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Various to fix problem 

Comments: I liked it a lot good power with good control.  I like the narrow handle.  No vibration. I played with an ESP RG TORON 170 previously and loved that racquet. I will probably be going back to the TORON.  The Invasion X seemed to have slightly better control but less power and felt significantly heavier compared to the TORON which is also a 170. 
From: Mike, Folsom, CA, USA, 05/14
Skill-level: C
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: E force should improve their handles. It is very skinny and the butt at the end of the handle is small. I would recommend the handle be a little wider or flatter simular to either Ektelon or Harrow handles.
From: Thomas, New York, NY, USA, 04/14
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory string 

Comments: I've played with E-Force for years. Have the new Invasion, purchased in June, broken grommets and strings every four to five games. returned the racquet to E-Force three times. Apparently, I'm the only person having this problem.
From: Carlos V., Elgin, IL, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: A

Comments: Great racquet. Much more power then my other 2. First day I got it I didn't play great. It takes a game to get used to it but after its amazing. I haven't played with a better racquet yet. The grip is not the best but that's the only bad thing I can think of. 
From: Spencer, 12/13
Skill-level: Intermediate (C in tournaments) 

Comments: Control wise its very good and the power is very good as well. I was very excited to start using the racquet but wish I had demo'ed it first. I had been playing with the heetseeker 2.0 175 as well as the 170 & 160 2.0s along with a prokennex km fft 175. All of which are great but I would put the invasion 4th on the list above the pk. Heetseeker are top 3 simply due to the superior feel of the racquets. All my 2.0s have zero vibration and feel very solid the only thing the invasion lacks. I would recommend this racquet to anybody that wants to up their game and hasn't played with a heetseeker 2.0
From: Kenny, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 12/13
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Oxygen 18, 32lbs 

Comments: Ever had a racquet that made you want to buy it the very day you tried it? This one is like that. What a joy this racquet was to use! Power was fantastic, control was spot on, and the weight was perfect that didn't cause any wrist issues. So why am I not buying it? Its $200+ price tag is a big pinch on the wallet, especially since I'm a recreational player. If you're willing to pay the price, I highly recommend it!
From: Steve, Newport News, VA, USA, 09/13
String type and tension: factory 

Comments: The INVASION-X is the most powerful racquet by E-FORCE to date. I love the snap I can create when completing my swing and compression on the ball is massive. The great balance gives me perfect maneuverability and control which allows me to hit kills with power and dinks with precision that kills.
From: Rick, Sacramento, CA, USA, 08/13
Skill-level: Elite
String type and tension: E-Force Oxygen 17 @ 33lbs 

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