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Comments: the glove is good brand new, but really after a couple of uses, its done. the palm material loses its shape and makes your grip a little loose.
From: Steven, USA, 12/13
Skill-level: A 

Comments: This glove is nothing too crazy, but for the price it gets the job done. Solid grip, decent life-span, dirt cheap. While I haven't tried any of the higher class gloves, this gets the job done for a cheap yet competitive college student.

From: Jesse, UW-Madison, USA, 09/12
Skill-level: Average

Comments:  I have used this glove for over 6 months and I must say it is a very nice gloves. When I first got it there was a slight break in period but soon after was fine. Some of the stitching is starting to come apart but that is to be expected with the amount that I play.
I recommended this glove.
From: Daniel, Lake City, FL, USA, 12/10

Comments: They feel good right out of the bag but the life of the glove is short. The fingers shrink and the glove gets hard to grip the racquet. No more for me.
From:Mike, Vincennes, IN, USA, 09/10

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