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Comments:  It took me FOREVER to find a grip I like. I have smallish hands for a guy so rubber grips were always a little thick for me. I tried numerous wrap grips including gearbox,head,and python wrap grips and none compare. Perfect! Thinner than a rubber grip, which gives better racquet feel and not tacky to where switching from forehand to backhand is an issue. Also it gives the best cushion of any wrap grip ive tried. And ive tried them all. I also have tried many many different glove/grip combos so heres the deal. The best combos are the maxtack grip with either the prokennex pure 1 glove or the HEAD amp pro glove. And in 2nd place the python wrap grip with the E-Force weapon glove. The python wrap grip is the thinnest grip out there, but not much cushion there, and they wear out twice as fast as the maxtack grip. Hope this helps.
From: Josh
City, State, Country: Pittsburgh, PA 04/10
Skill-level: B

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