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Comments: I have in all my raquets this ektelon dampener and it's the best so I recommend it to every one.
From: Alfredo L., Tuscaloosa, AL, USA, 12/14
Skill-level: C-B 

Comments: These are the best dampeners, for that 100% dead feeling. Put them in with plenty of slack to absorb the shock, and you don't have to worry about them coming out ever... unless of course you hit kill shots near your handle!
From: Robert, Inverness, FL, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: A/B 

Comments: Have them on 7 family racquets.  Just gave two more to a friend who's had nothing but trouble with other dampeners. Thanked me profusely.  Not sure how they could come off if properly installed except for loose string tension.  Bought them under the Prince label, but same thing.  Will be buying more with my next product order.
From: Dave, Chicago, IL, USA, 03/14 

Comments: I adore these!  Have tried a ton of things and these look classy and work very well.   I used to have my stringer string them in when he did the strings ... have never had them come off.  The only thing that works as well is a large thick rubber band, but the rubber band doesn't look as good.
From: Fay, Sedona, AZ, USA, 03/11
Skill-level: Competitive

Comments: this dampener works well, but one side constantly pops off.  At least 3-4 times per 3 games played. Very annoying as you can feel it bounce off the strings when it does. Would not recommend.
From: Howard, CA, USA, 10/10
Skill-level: B

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