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Ektelon Men's T22 Low White Shoes

Comments: Received this shoe as a replacement for NFS model size order mishap. I was concerned with width, as that was why I ordered the NFS. First try on, these were very tight on width, and dead on for length. During first two matches, I felt like the the right shoe plastic support on outside of pinkie toe was starting to cut in. I changed socks and continued to play with minor irritation. Loosening up the laces helped. After two days of three to fours hour of play, I noticed the the plastic support was no longer an issue and the shoes had stretched into shape. I never did get a blister thankfully. Outside of what I will call a "break in period," they have been very good on the court. I wear a 2E width for dress shoes. Jury is out on repurchase, however for now I am hopeful.
From: Randy B, Orlando, FL, USA, 06/13
Skill-level:B+ or A- on a good day!

Comments: I had been playing with Ektelon Classic shoes for about 25 matches and while practicing on a Thursday night before a tournament, the sole came apart.  I had been researching shoes for a long time on here and was about to order some new ones.  With the tournament starting the next day, I had no option but to go to a local store and see what they had.  This was the only shoe available in my size, so I got them.  I've been extremely happy with them. I do agree that they seemed very narrow at first.  After the tournament weekend was over, they felt much better, and I did not have any blister problems, etc.  I have now worn them for probably 50-60 matches and they still look brand new.  I am very happy with these shoes and would definitely buy them again.
From: Mark
City, State, Country: South Dakota 03/10

Comments: I'd like to think that I have wide feet, but didn't seem to have any problems with this shoe...they're about 3 weeks old and have been good thus far.
From: Larry
Skill-level: B 03/10

Comments: The shoe looks great however it's very tight around the toe area.  Should be labelled as a narrow sized shoe.  Definately not for mid to wide feet.  Tried selling the shoe to a friend for $20 and he had the same issue and passed on the offer.
From: Shawn
City, State, Country: CO 02/10
Skill-level: B+

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