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Comments: These are amazing! They slightly fog but it's not a major problem. For the price of these, the quality is great! I accidentally hit myself in the glasses with my racquet trying to get the ball and they didn't break! It left a scratch on the frame but the lenses were okay. Great glasses overall. They also vent very well
From: Shelby, USA, 01/16
Skill-level: D 

Comments: I have the same problem, I bought these a few months ago and now the nose piece is cracking. There should be replacement parts available.
From: Steve, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 06/13

Comments: These glasses are perfect for the price. They don't fog on me and they have a uni-lens, which makes it easier to keep track of the ball as it passes by my face. Some glasses have a coating on the lens that makes them hard to clean but these are really easy to clean. Good buy!
From: Jordan, Shoreline, WA, USA, 02/13
Skill level: A

Comments: I have been using this glasses since november 2009 and they are perfect. They are really comfortable.
From: Jose, Son, Mexico, 10/12
Skill-level: C

Comments: I bought a pair of Vendetta eyewear in September 2007. They were really comfortable and had good visibility, but three months later the nose piece cracked and now I have a pair of glasses that are going in the trash. They weren't expensive but I figured they should have lasted more than three months.
From: Fred J., Gettysburg, PA 12/07

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