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Comments: This was a demo wild card for me (I thought for sure I was going to love a one of the GB racquets), I didn't expect to like it, I was just curious with it's unique specs how it would handle... and then I fell in love. I demo'd it twice with different competition and it beat out the other 6 racquets. While it is one of the lighter racquets available, the thing hits like a ton of bricks because of it's extreme head heavy balance. I had more power with it than the E-Forces I tried. It's so head heavy that heavier racquets 'felt' lighter in quick transitions. Because of the light weight and head heaviness it just accelerates like a rocket during your swing. I do feel more trampoline effect with the wider string spacing, although I didn't experience a loss in accuracy. No issue either with tapping up ceiling balls from the back court. Make it your demo wild card... I would love to hear if your experience is the same. 
From: Mathew, Fort Mill, SC, USA, 02/16
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Demo this last week, have a lot of power lacks control. It's fun if u just want to hear bang bang sounds lol
From: Tommy, NY, USA, 08/15
Skill-level: Newbie
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Demo'd this one and the next two heavier EKTELONs via a rep who attends my club.  It was a close call but I went with this one after playing my 2000 Wilson 150g more than my 2000 Wilson 170g racquet (I figured that for whatever reason I appreciated a lighter racquet).  I believe that I made the right choice.  Simply put, the ball goes where I intend it to go and short swings in tight spaces are easier with the light EKTELON.  I highly recommend this racquet!
From: Patrick, Lake County, OH, USA, 05/15
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Been playing for a month and finally got the racquet to break in my hand . This is a great racquet . I had a lot of trouble adjusting this one , coming for a GB 170 T, this is lighter but the 10 pt head heavy dosent make it too light . My experience is the string pattern is different , so less strings more gap between each string .. This grips the ball good for a nice back spin if you are splatting of the side wall, but awful skips ... Horrible few weeks of skip shots almost loosing may be around 7 points just skipping a easy shot . After 4 weeks this is finally set .. I get great kill shot now .. I can pass and kill with ease and the backhand pass I can quickly deflect to make a snaeky slow lob or even a Lucky drop just because the racquets is there in time . But it took me solid 4 weeks to really kll the ball comfortably. .. Dosent have as much power a heatseeker 170 3.0 but enough .. The period when you are adjusting the racquet it feels like a paddle .. I use 170tGB with 18g multi which is so lively .. In comparison this one is not as lively. Power is good enough to pass a real elite spooner and even kill ... You will love it or you will hate this .
From: Skipper, NJ, USA, 11/14
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: 17g multi higher side for control 

Comments: Hey Pro's and Joes,  you want to beat Kane, this is your stick....Awesome...Power...Control...Wins!  Been playing for several decades and nothing has ever come even close to this racquet....going way back to the old aluminum Voit, 250g and famous anything on the market today...stop...and buy this over!
From: Gerry, North Logan, UT, USA, 09/14
Skill-level: open
String type and tension: Ashaway 17g new Red - secret! 

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