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Comments: [Classic Ally Bag] I have had the same problems with tearing of the exterior material around the zippers, my bag now has about 10 inches of ripped outer material around the zippers, but its still functional so I keep using it. Sending it back is just too much trouble, so I will probably just live with it until I decide to buy another bag. I love the design of the bag, I want a backpack, but a BIG backpack; all of the other ones are too small; and I am fine with all of the pockets this has. Also, something I don't think other brands don't think about as much; but I love that it says "Racquetball" on the bag; differentiates me from all the tennis and squash players out there..(even though I dabble in both; but RB is my first love..)
From: Walt, Houston, TX, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: A, Elite 

Comments: The Back Pack bag is very nice looking, with lots of pockets, maybe too many-my shoes don't fit side by side in the large compartment. My partner liked my bag so he bought the same one. After less than 6 months my bag ripped around 2 of the zippers. So did his. I had to have both repaired by my shoemaker. One other player at my club has the same bag and had the same problem with ripping. I went back to using my 7-year old Pro Kennex back pack. It's still going strong, no matter how much I stuff in it. Now I just use the Gearbox bag for traveling. It's a great carry-on for the plane, lots of pockets for my laptop and all my other incidentals.
From: Steve, Northern NJ, USA, 11/12

Comments: The gearbox Classic Club is a good bag with a lot of pockets. However the zippers although big has one big drawback, it has the gearbox logo at the end of the zippers making it difficult to lock the zippers together with S-Clips. The backpack otherwise is good. Rating, B plus.
From: Thomas, Bronx, NY, USA, 10/12

Comments: The Club bag looks durable but does not have enough internal pockets. Inside there are only 2 web pockets.  On the outside you have the 2 racquet pockets and 4 small pockets. There is no security pocket for valuables. However, the main compartment is big and it has a wet dry compartment. If the bag had more internal pockets I would give it an A. Since it doesn't I will rate it a B.
From: Thomas, New York, NY, USA, 08/12

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