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Gamma Stringers Starting Clamp

Comments: This Gamma Starting clamp works perfect and has a great amount of bite on the string. Additionally, it is a must have tool for those situations where you are all clamped down and may need a third clamp. It is also a big help when you are doing some custom partial string jobs and it can clamp in places where your normal clamp may have problems. Way worth the bang for the buck.
From: Rick, Fair Oaks, CA, USA, 12/13
Skill-level: Elite 

Comments: The Gamma starting clamp is my 1st starting clamp. Starting clamp is a must buy tool if you stringing your own racquet. It's costly but you can tie your knots way easier and tighter (compared to other clamps), so you only lose minimum tension at the end of your restring work. (People also use it to start to restring the main by holding the string against the bottom or the top of the racquet, which I found flying clamp is good enough for this purpose.) Build quality is good; the 3 springs really do have enough pressure to hold the string properly.
From: Jack, Denver, CO, USA, 12/10

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