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Gamma Guard Head Tape 1.5" Wide

Comments: Great tape, sticks well without being a hassle to take off. It is a bit thin so the tape will start peeling off with a couple of scrapes to the ground. Best part is that you can adjust the length of tape being applied to the racquet. Other vendors will give a certain amount of tape to be applied for 1 racquet, making adjustments more annoying. The tape is easy to tear off with your hands. I usually change the tape whenever my strings breaks, which is usually once every 2-3 weeks. The tape I have been using does not have any logo.
From: James, 9/16

Comments: I wish this tape is more durable. With a single contact to the court the tape will tear up, so I usually double up on the scrape prone areas of the head. The adhesive is not that strong, so if you tape it over areas with a moderate bend the tape will pop up. Using a scissors to cut and overlap those not so flat areas help. The Head brand head tape was much better. I have not tried the Babolat brand.
From: Jim, Beaverton, OR, USA, 03/11

Comments: Application: This tape is not as sticky as the Babolat tape. The Gamma tape keeps popping up and I have to keep pressing/smoothing it. It usually settles down after about a week. On the other hand, the Babolat tape sticks smoothly and never pops up. Durability: The Gamma tape is more durable than the Babolat tape. Cost: The Gamma tape is cheaper than the Babolat tape Availability: The Gamma tape is available as rolls while the Babolat tape is pre-cut, which is not enough for my requirement. Conclusion: I will continue using Gamma tape in spite of the pop-up problem. However, if Babolat is offered in 1.5" wide and not pre-cut, I might switch to it.
From: Charles, vancouver, bc, canada. 5/10

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