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Gamma Live Wire 17 String

Comments: Read an article about hybriding with Gamma Live Wire and Spiky Shark. Purchased it for my 16 year old daughter who had problems with control and this combination is A+. She has a great feel for the ball, a big hitter, but most of her balls now stay in. She is quite happy with these strings.
From: Sharon, 10/14

Comments: Having arm problems, the live Wire 17 feels good on my arm and gives me, a flat ball hitter, solid control.
From: Burge. 6/11

Comments: I agree with the last comment. The Live Wire and Live Wire XP are very different. I recently decided to try the XP and found it to be much crisper than the Live Wire. With my relatively flat strokes and over-40 arm, I am going back the Live Wire.
From: Milton, CO, USA, 08/10

Comments: This is seriously the closest thing to natural gut. I know many people that say other multifilament strings come "the closest to natural gut," but their answers will change after they have tried this string. If you are looking for "gut- like feel" look no more. At about 11 bucks a set, there is almost no need for natural gut anymore. This string gets softer and softer the more you play with it. It is crisp with excellent feel when freshly strung, while providing the comfort of gut. It does start to get mushy after about 30 hours of play, that is, if your strings last that long. If you are suffering from arm injuries, this is your string. I have to admit, this string has very little spin potential. Power and control were provided at a balanced ratio. Better for flat hitters rather and topspin players. I don't break strings often, so at 60+ hours, these strings are still going strong. If you are looking for something crisper, try Live Wire XP. However, Live Wire and Live Wire XP are two completely different strings in terms of feel. XP is much crisper and stiffer than Live Wire Original. Strung at 60 on a Babolat Pure Drive GT.
From: Anon. 11/09

Comments: These strings are awesome, they provide you with great feel, and excellent control. If you are looking for an all round string, this is your best choice.
From: Paul, Waterbury, CT. 3/09

Comments:Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays! I love the 17 gauge string! I feel much more control, accuracy and power. I use a Head Fire! The string feels like a natural extension of my game whether it be forehands, backhands, serves, return of serves, volleys, or slices. I get more bite in my shots. I make shots I would usually miss without 17 gauge! Thanks Gamma! My game has already improved dramatically!
From: Keith, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 12/08

Comments: Man this is a great string, I have a Babolat Z-lite racquet and I used the same strings that Nadal uses but it gave me to much power and not enough control, kept hitting long. Switched to Gamma Live Wire 17 and I get excellent control without sacrificing power. Also this string gives me great spin.
From: Nathan, Las Vegas, NV. 5/07

Comments: Great string if you hit flat balls...nice pop...not so good for spin, feels like string does not grab ball so well...not to durable...feels less "synthetic" than others,...would not buy it again as I am a topspin hitter...
From: Christian, San Francisco, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: I like this string although I'll probably keep experimenting with others since other reviews are lukewarm. It was easy to sting although a bit tough to push through blocked holes. Strings are hard the first few times I'd play with it but then it would soften up and play great. Not too soft though, so it will still easy to get feedback from the racket. I really liked the way the racket would continue to play great even though the strings were extremely fraying.
From: Tom, Atlanta, GA, USA. 1/07

Comments: Good string for the first couple of days. It has a nice soft, comfortable feel to it but after awhile it gets too soft and the feel for the ball becomes more awkward. I strung this string to my Babolat Pure Control Standard. Durability wise, it is not the more durable string, but it surpasses a regular synthetic.
From: Kevin, USA. 10/05

Comments: String offered great durability, but almost no feel whatsoever. I'm a 5.0 all court player who strung his i.Radical MidPlus at 56 lbs.
From: Damion, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 9/03

Comments: Live Wire 17g from the start felt soft. After hitting a few hours the Live Wire felt even softer and I did not like the feel. I have switched to Tecnifbre NGR2 SPL 17g, much better feel, better spin and control.
From: Larry Wilson, New Brunswick, NJ. USA 10/02

Comments:Gamma Live Wire 17g. has excellent feel and response although the string won't last long if you hit especially hard.
From: Bill (4.5 level player), Massapequa, New York USA 9/00

Comments:Live Wire 17g. is Gamma's latest string, but after I tried it with several different racquets, I went back to TNT ProPlus 17L., which is much better feeling and has better spin control.
From: Arthur, Ca. USA 12/99

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