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Gamma Live Wire Professional 18 String

Comments: This is the only string that enables me to consistently get my backhand in the court with the Wilson Tour. I've tried Live Wire 17g, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 18g, and Wilson Natural gut 17 hybrid with Luxilon Power Rough 16 on mains, but none of these allows me to get as much topspin as I do with a full bed of Gamma Professional 18g.
From: Ken, San Diego, CA, USA. 5/11

Comments: I loved these strings. You can really feel the ball!
From: Moshe, Albany, NY, USA, 04/10

Comments: I rarely break strings so I tend to try the thinner gauge. I recently had my Wilson KPro Open strung with Gamma Pro 18 and so far I love it. It's very playable and easy on the arm. I could really feel the strings bite the ball. Was able to get really good spin. Volleys had nice pop. Serves had great spin. It just felt really good to hit the ball with these strings. It's hard to explain. Played my best game ever the other night with these new strings. We'll see how they do over time but so far I a huge fan.
From: Bill, IL. 8/09

Comments: You can't go wrong with Gamma Professional. I especially like this gauge because of its extreme playability. It is one of the softest strings I have ever played with and it generates a mind-blowing amount of spin. I don't hit very hard, so I expect these strings to last a while. These strings do move a lot, and maybe string savers will help solve the problem. Overall, if you are looking for a playable string that generates LOADS of spin and do not break strings often, look no more and buy this string. It's a bit pricier than most strings, but it is well worth it. If you are a hard hitter and string at high tension, I would not recommend this string as durability seems to be an issue. I use these strings on a Babolat Pure Drive GT and string at 56 lbs.
From: Anon, Long Beach, CA, USA, 06/09

Comments: Feels great, and then it breaks in 3 hours of play (by a twelve year old). For my money, there are other thin strings that play well also that last longer.
From: Dad of Jeffery, Texas. 3/09

Comments: I'm currently using this string on my Aerogel 200 16x19, and I absolutely love it. I used a natural gut/poly hybrid pretty much exclusively before this (too expensive), and I can honestly say this really has a 'gut like feel'. Of course nothing compares to the real thing, but this is a soft string with a great feeling, especially at lower tensions, and at 18 gauge, it doesn't just bite the ball, it CHOMPS down on the ball. The spin I'm getting is actually still shocking me. I have never before used an 18 gauge string, but provided that this string doesn't break after 2 days or something ridiculous like that, I won't be going back to 17 gauge strings, the difference is really that big. I used a hard stiff poly just prior to this (pro hurricane 17's), and it was like using a wooden board compared to these strings. Hitting with 18's like these is like smacking the ball with the palm of your hand. The one 'drawback' to me is that the strings do indeed move a LOT, but I think string savers would remedy that. All in all, if you're looking for a high quality, soft-feeling, affordable, high gauge string that feels and performs like gut, this is it. Forget durability and go with 100% playability for once- these strings are cheap, anyway.
From: Jon, Long Beach, CA, USA, 02/09

Comments: I'm a doubles player with an eastern grip on forehand and continental on one-handed backhand. As you would expect from the grip I use, I hit balls very flat on both wings. I don't break strings often because it. My main concern about a string is the feel and responsiveness because the volley is my weapon shot. This string worked well with my style of play. The thin gauge makes all the difference in the world. Consider this, a 16g string is 1.32mm and a 18g is 1.22m, and the elasticity has an inverted relationship to the cross sectional area, which is the square of the diameter. So an 18g string will be about 15% more elastic than 16g of the same string. Why would pros use natural gut? Because it's more elastic than anything else out there. If you are like me, can't afford natural gut, then a super thin multi like this is your best bet. More elasticity means more pocketing, more power and a bigger sweetspot. I use entire stringbed to vary the volley I play so I can't live with non-responsive strings. If durability is an issue for you, put on some string savers. It prevents the string from moving around sawing into each other and theoretically increase the spin and responsiveness of the stringbed anyways. At $2.50, the investment is such a no brainer, I can't understand why people don't use it. A problem with multis is that they are more sensitive to temperature variation than real natural gut. I used to live in northern Florida and when it gets down to about 45F at night, the string becomes very dead (balls too). I experimented many different strings systematically over the years (natural gut, monofilament, polyester and multis). And I can tell you I absolutely hate dead strings like the offerings from Luxilon. So if you have the same tendency, this string is worth a try. Plus, it's easy on the arm too!!
From: Ping, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 3/08

Comments: I have the Gamma Pro 18-gauge strung on my FXP Prestige @ 60 lbs. This is a very versatile string as others have noted about the 16 and 17 gauge versions. It's soft and very playable. Gamma Professional has a certain quality to it that's hard to pinpoint -- it's powerful when you bring power to it, but it plays to your stroke with a certain accuracy and no-nonsense touch that takes the worry out of a 4.5 - 5.5 control player's game. The one and only "issue" with the Gamma Pro strings is that they tend to move a lot -- not that string movement is the critical issue some less-than-professionals seem to make it -- but for those who think that string movement diminishes their game somehow Gamma Pro would be a poor choice -- go with a crisper string. For the rest of us that enjoy it's features and overall performance it's a really fine choice.
From: John, Los Angeles, CA. 3/08

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