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Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 660' String Reel

Comments: I string for other people and this is my standard synthetic gut offering. The playability is pretty good for its price, goes very well as a cross for a poly hybrid, and it's one of the most durable basic synthetic guts out there. Absolutely great value for money.
From: Anakin, 4/14

Comments: This string has good playability and feel. Great value. Gosen is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of tennis string, including some of the racquet manufacturers that rebrand it as their own.
From: Perry, 11/13

Comments: I like this string, it is not as durable as some of the people are claiming, it won't actually out last your poly crosses (at least in my experience). Just make sure you don't get it in black because it will mark your balls. I don't actually care about my balls being marked, but other people do, so as a courtsey you shouldn't get black.
From: Philip, 9/13

Comments: Wow! I have read most of the comments posted for this string and would have to agree with all of the positives. I'm a racquetball stringer by trade and let me tell you that this string is very durable and has virtually eliminated all of my string breaker players problems. And the price factor and this string is a winner. Job well done.
From: James, 4/13

Comments: I agree with Brian Wise. I have been using the same set up in my Head Prestige Mid at 45lbs. I remember that the suggested tension for this string is between 45-55 lbs. If you string it beyond 52 it feels like a board. The new trend among pros now is natural gut in the mains and poly in the crosses, so this is a cheaper alternative with very nice playability.
From: Martin, 9/12

Comments: Super comfortable and moderately powerful. It isn't much for creating a lot of spin, but a lot of people would like this when you weigh the price against the performance.
From: Paul, 5/12

Comments: Better than all other synthetics in this category and more durable than most. This string is consistent in playability and price. I'd put this up against Babolat, Wilson Extreme, Prince and the rest of the lot. You just can't beat this.
From: Johnny, 11/11

Comments: I had posted previously about using OG Sheep Micro 16 as a cross string, which works well. Recently, I tried it as a main at 56lbs, with Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 17 in the crosses at 53lbs (K six one tour 90). It's even better as a main, supported by a poly cross. Excellent feel. Excellent pop. Outstanding spin. Great control. What a value (for both strings, especially since I have them on reels). Also, there is very little string movement with this set up, which is great with my open string pattern (16 X 19).
From: Brian Wise, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is a great value string. My friend recommended to me and told me it is the best synthetic gut out there and the feel is as close to real "Gut" for fraction of the price. I used it and love how soft and great feel I was getting from it. Put the Sheep OG 16L on the Cross, and MSV Hex 17L Poly for Main and you a great combo of soft feel, spin, and power. Love this and will stick with this string for many years to come.
From: Frank, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Personally, it's the best synthetic string. I've tried every brand of synthetics out there, this is the most well balanced in feel, spin & control. I am using the clear one in my Babolat aero pro, Yonex rds 001, Head microgel radical pro, and the 16L gauge version on my head prestige mp (fxp & youtek). If you don't like this string especially the negative comments below.. send it to me.
From: Triggz, Huntsville, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: This is TERRIBLE string. I didn't get any spin off of this and also no feel. String felt dead the first time I played with it. I HATE THIS STUFF.
From: Andrew, WA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Great cross string for a hybrid set up. I have used it with Luxilon BB ALU Rough 16L (1.25mm), Gosen Polyon SP 17 (1.25mm), Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 17 (1.25mm), and several other poly strings. In each case I kept my main tension at 2 to 3 pounds less than my cross, which gave me excellent spin, ball pocketing, and feel. I have used all the above poly's in full bed set up's, which I like as well, but you get more feel with a Micro Sheep hybrid, IMO. Tension holds better in any string job when you double pull tension, especially the last several cross strings. You will lose tension if you or your stringer is not doing this. I don't have tension loss issues as the poster NS from San Jose has. Gosen OG sheep micro is certainly the best value available for a syn gut out there. It's a quality string, too. Highly recommended. 4.5 player, Wilson K six one tour 90 @53- 55 mains, 55-58 crosses
From: BB, Wise, VA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I've been stringing my Volkl DNX 9s with this for about a year. Stringing my own racquets with being so cheap a string job saves a lot of money over getting someone else to do it at a much higher cost, plus string. It seems like a pretty decent string, but I honestly haven't tried others in a while so I can't really compare.
From: CB, Atlanta, GA, USA 01/10

Comments: I use this string in the crosses with Wilson enduro mono is the mains. the string feels great in a hybrid with a poly, is softens the string bed, adds touch, power, it's durable and is easy on the arm. This also a an awesome value for the money. awesome string.
From: Jared, Coppell, TX, USA 01/10

Comments: Based on the feedback here and the low price, I gave this a try. The pros: Easy to string and cheap. Cons: Doesn't hold tension well and string feels dead after 2-3 plays. I'm a "feel" player and like a crisp string that gives me lots of feedback, none of which I get from this string. As such, other than the low price, I can't recommend this string. If you really want to try it, just get a single pack to see if you like it and not the reel. Now I have to finish the reel before moving on the next string.
From: NS, San Jose, CA, USA, 10/09

Comments: The Best Synthetic String I ever used. Loads of everything there is on a synthetic gut, Period!
From: triggz, trenton, MO. 8/09

Comments: I found the string to be consistent with other synthetics in feel. It doesn't hold its tension well, initially. I have to add five to seven extra pounds to play at the tension I want. After that, it seems fine until it breaks. I play with an 18x20 string pattern racquet and the string breaks about the time I would want to replace it anyway.
From: Jason, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 04/09

Comments: I commented on this string a few years back and had rave reviews... just don't make the mistake of buying a reel of "white" string. It peels like crazy after a few minutes of hitting. I will be trying to get tenniswarehouse to take this back.
From: Jon, Wheaton, IL. 3/09

Comments: I have been using this string for about a year now and just bought my first reel of it Gosen OG Micro 16 660' Reel White. Initial impression has been a real disappointment. I am seeing an issue whereby the white paint coat is peeling almost immediately within the first few minutes of hitting. Now I must have strung at least 30 racquets with the individual packages of the same exact string and I never seen this issue. I will give Gosen the benefit of the doubt and say that I may received a really old or defective reel. Visual appeal aside, I am more concerned on how this affects performance and the string's durability. I will be returning the reel to TW and either find a comparable reel of synthetic gut or go back to buying it in individual packages.
From: Jason, Parkland, FL. USA. 2/09

Comments: This string is great! I have only strung my racquet once with this string and it is yet to break. The great thing about it too, is that it is not dead either. I can hit every shot well with this string, and they are long-lasting and cheap!
From: Nick, Orange County, California, USA. 12/08

Comments: I use this string for racquetball. The og 16 has great pop and a good feel. Durability is not bad considering that I am a hard hitter and for the price you can't beat it. Go Gosen!
From: John, Selden, NY, USA, 10/08

Comments: Great string! Amazing value, great playability. It is a relatively stiff synthetic, but plays very comfortably when pre-stretched. I use it as the cross strings with Babolat Tour Duralast 1.25 as the mains strung as low as 59 up to 63 depending on conditions. The Babolat gives amazing spin, while the Gosen provides great touch and comfort.
From: Brandon, NJ, USA, 07/08

Comments: This string is pretty good. For a synthetic gut, it's really stiff, so it makes a good main. I blend it with the Ashaway Liberty 16g on the crosses, and I couldn't be happier. Good string.
From: Jesse, East Wenatchee, WA, United States of America. 3/08

Comments: This is not a bad synthetic gut. I don't really mind that it's not as good quality as the Prince Duraflex because synthetic gut tends to snap within about 4 days of hard play for me. And because there's 660 feet of it, it's a great deal if you're just stringing full synthetic! For hybrid, however, I would recommend a string that gives a bit more feel. Love the price.
From: Jimmy, San Jose, California. 1/08

Comments: I've used this stuff in 16g for years in my own frames, but mainly in the frames of my customers (mostly player on the HS team I coach). It's very durable and holds tension well. It does not offer a particularly soft feel however so I still prefer Ektelon Powerplay or Tecnifibre e-matrix though they are more expensive.
From: Lou, MO, USA, 01/08

Comments: A great all around string. I hit with heavy topspin, so the string doesn't last forever. But so what? It costs almost nothing to string my racquet, how can I complain. Here I am again, spending loads of money to try out other strings, just for the heck of it, but I always have a least one stick strung with the Gosen. I tend to string it tight, around 60lbs, by the way.
From: Peter, Coos Bay, OR, USA, 07/07

Comments: Most people here have been complaining about the durability of the string, well this string is not a string that should be used on full racquets it breaks to often. I use it as a cross and couldn't be happier, I use it with Tecnifibre Poly spin and the combination is great, this string softens up the string bed like you would not believe and at the price it's a must buy, I recommend this string
From:. Phil, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 11/06

Comments: I like the way this string plays- good pop, good feel; however it is not a very durable string- it does break fairly quick.
From: Dave, Mt. Vernon, IL, USA. 9/06

Comments: I used this string as a trial from a friend and loved the power, control, and feel of it. The string delivers plenty of power but doesn't last as long as I hoped. But that changed since I have used the Gosen polylon on the crosses. Now I have incredible control and enough power to make volleyer's scared to be at the net.
From: Sy, Garland, TX USA 07/06

Comments: This is great all around cheap string that I use when I string up for friends. But I really don't like the durability. I've got casual summer time players who only string once a year snapping them early. Not much else out there for so cheap so I think I will stick with it.
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA 06/06

Comments: Still my best seller and have started to blend it with some multifilament strings in crosses. Those customers are very satisfied because they say they get extra life out of their strings but have not given up the playability.
From: Ron, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 11/05

Comments: Bought 200m in reel. Unbelievable value for the money. Used it as poly hybrid with Kirschbaum SuperSmashSpiky. It does add more overall feel and playability without sacrificing too much durability.
From: Zakir, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 05/05

Comments: Have used this string for many of my customers this last year. Have been very satisfied with its performance.
From: Ron, Hamilton, ON, Canada. 9/04

Comments: Well done Gosen! I've played tennis seriously for years and this is the best string I've found for the price. The playability is very good, and the durability is great. It lasts me about 8 sets of hard out hitting compared to about 4 sets in similar priced strings from other companies. I recommend this string to all my friends to use. It is a tremendous value for the money.
From: Aaron, New Zealand. 3/04

Comments: Great string for the price. I'm a college player who just started to string last summer. I used to use Gamma 15L Synthetic because it lasted for a long time. Now that I string my own racket and I've found a string that's playable and cheap, I don't mind the strings breaking once a week. Good playability, great price, and decent durability.
From: Jon, Wheaton, IL, USA. 3/03

Comments: Since I was getting low on strings, I thought I would try a reel of the Gosen (Generic) OG-Sheep Micro 16 that TW has been advertising. Big mistake! I strung it at the same poundage (52) I always use and on the first outing, it gave the feed back of a dead set of string. On top of that, my arm started hurting after the second outing. I have since switched back to my old Wilson Synthetic gut and immediately felt the difference in liveliness. And more importantly, the arm is feeling better. I wonder if I got an old reel that has been sitting around for a long time and lost it's playability. How does the saying go "You get what you pay for".
From: Chuck, Sacramento, CA. USA 1/03

Comments: The Gosen OG (Generic) Micro 16 is awesome. The price is great. Customers as well as myself enjoy this string, thanks Gosen.
From: Chris, Redlands, CA. USA 7/02

Comments: I bought the Gosen OG (Generic) Micro 16 660' String Reel after reading the positive feedback. It has been a real disappointment for me. I usually break a string every 3 or 4 times I play. This string breaks too quickly for me.
From: Scott, McKenzie, TN. USA 7/02

Comments: Gosen OG (Generic) Micro 17 (or 16) is hands-down the best string deal on the market today. I've tried them all - from premium to bottom of the barrel. I use a player's racquet so the strings can make an even greater impact on the overall playability of the racquet. I also string my own racquets and for my money no other string comes close to this one in delivering the control, feel and power I need while maintaining tension better than most. I've also found it to be a lot more durable than Prince Synthetic 17 with Duraflex even though it's slightly thinner. Can you buy a more durable string? Yes. Can you buy a more powerful string? Yes. Can you buy a softer string? Yes. Can you buy a string that creates a better balance of these qualities? No.
From: Derek, Grosse Pointe, MI. USA 4/02

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