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HEAD PowerZone Shield Racquetball Eyewear

Comments: Besides the fact that they are comfortable, don't fog, and prevent sweat from seeping in, they saved my eye. Took one flush in the left eye - not off the wall, but off an opposing players racquet at 100+ mph. Not even the slightest bit of bruising around the eye. Completely fine, no break in the game, it was like it never happened. The frame and visor stayed in one piece, too. Feel incredibly lucky.
From: Jared, Los Angeles, CA, 04/14
Skill-level: C 

Comments: If you wear your eye protection really close to your face, these are great! They are made to sit tight to your head around the eyebrows, and the safety glass sits off your face around the cheeks, this combined with the vent at the top allow for great airflow. My previous problem stemmed from goggles that sat away from your face towards the top of the glasses... and I would wear them tight so they couldn't breathe. I recommend this plus a sweatband and you wont need to worry about fogging glasses except from extreme and quick temperature changes
From: Robert, Inverness, FL, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: A/B 

Comments: Okay, gotta jump in here! I'm among the crowd that sweats like a pig and has to fight eyewear fog more than my opponents drive serve to the backhand corner. Based on all the previous comments I bought a pair of Head PowerZone Shield eyewear. Always skeptical of these comments, I was hoping for the best... and I got it! I didn't experience one iota of fogging with these babies! Very comfortable too. And, my wife thinks they're hot cuz they match the color of my racquet! I highly recommend these!
From: Greg, Louisville, CO, USA, 07/13
Skill-level: B-

Comments: If you have problems with your eyewear fogging get a pair of these. I have nothing but good things to say about these glasses: no fogging, great fit, great durability. Excellent product!
From: Britt, Spring, TX, USA, 06/13
Skill-level: A/B

Comments: I bought these based on the previous reviews, I'm also a heavy sweater and had fogged up a few glasses I've bought before, these work great for me. They don't fog up at all and visibility is excellent. Recommend to all that have fogging issues.
From: Jesse, Long Beach, CA, USA, 06/11
Skill-level: Recreational

Comments: I had had problems with fogging and sweat on my lenses since I started playing. The foam brow bridge on theses glasses seals sweat off and doesn't allow it to reach the lenses. They work great and the lenses are very good quality.
From: Sam
St. Paul, MN 01/10

Comments: Over the past few years i thought I was never going to fog, as I sweat profusely when I play. Then a few months ago I bought a pair of Head PowerZone Shield glasses and they almost never fog, even after many hours of play. sweat will be rolling down the lens and it won't even fog because the lens allows your face to breathe. I would suggest them for anyone.
From: Daniel
City, State, Country: Fort Worth, TX 01/10
Skill-level: recreational

Comments: I bought these on the recommendation of Jeremy from Albuquerque. These were the best eyeguards I have had. My vision was perfect in them. I am also a heavy sweater and these are the only eyeguards in over 20 years of play that have not fogged. Unfortunately, last night, I was his from the side and the eyeguards broke. My eyes were fine, but my face was bruised a little. I am going to buy another pair.
From: Paul
Slidell, LA, USA 09/07

Comments: These are the best glasses I've used yet. I sweat a lot and usually have to stop and clear my lenses but not with these. The foam rubber strip across the brow helps catch any sweat that makes it past my sweatband. I've had no isssues with fogging whatsoever.
From: Jeremy
Albuquerque, NM, USA 02/07

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