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Comments: Started using this string 8 years ago with the Head iS2 Oversize. Then I moved on to the Head iX3 Oversize. The string had too much power to control an already powerful and light frame. My current racquet is the Head IG Extreme Elite (102 inch) - smaller frame and less powerful. With the new racquet I have tried some new strings such as Gosen AK Control 16, Prince Lightning Pro 16, and Head Sonic Pro 17. All of them strung at 55lbs and using the Head Smartsorb vibration damper. By far the best feeling string was the IntelliString. Ball impact had a solid, deep popping sound while generating spin and getting the ball back deep was easy. Control on volleys and added spin on serves was excellent. There is very little vibration, making it the most comfortable and soft feeling of all the strings I tried. With the Head IG Extreme Elite (102 inch) frame, the Intellistring feels like the perfect combination.
From: David, 8/12

Comments: These strings gave me more spin on both serves and baseline shots though seemed lacking in touch. I lost a little control on my flat serve compared to the Gamma Infinity Strings I was using before. They are stiff and I noticed my elbow and wrist were hurting after playing with them.
From: Pat, Mill Valley, CA 09/09

Comments: This was a decent string, like some others I felt the feel was a bit lacking, but I got decent enough spin and had good power with it. The only drawback was the short lifespan, I only had it for about 3 weeks before I broke one of the mains. I do hit with a lot of topspin on both sides, and serve with a lot of spin.
From: RJ. 08/09

Comments: I purchased these strings for my Head Microgel Monster. I really don't think these strings have anything special. It really performed quite well on nice deep shots on rallies, but the only downside was that the ball felt quite like hitting a "plank" most of the time, with such a dampened feel, it was hard to place shots. I used to be able to place my shots from one corner to the next, but these strings gave too much of a dead feel after a while, so I cut them. durability was great, it lasted me a good 2-3 months.
From: Rick, Lakewood, California, USA. 10/08
3.5 - 4.0

Comments: This is a difficult string to give feedback on. Initially it is a bit strange with damped feel to it and no particular character. After 1/2 hour, though, I found the bite was good and topspin is an added benefit. The sound is part of the feel for me and it is not great - but neglecting this cosmetic note, this hybrid is soft on the wrist and offers good control. Now to the downside, I have tried the string out 4-5 times now and never achieved more than 4 hours durability (on a Luxilon I normally reach 10hrs ). During a 1 hour training session, after initial warm-up, I mostly rally 40 minutes with heavy shots and few breaks in between, so it is maybe equal to 3-4 sets of matchplay. It is the mains that break first in my cases. Im a level 4.5 player using Wilson K90 and Dumlop 200. I tried tension between 53-61 lbs same result for durability, I recommend 58/58 ( M/C ). I cannot recommend this string for advanced players due to durability concerns, for those players with moderate spin and swing speed it is worth a try, as it is soft on the arm but still adding both spin and control.
From: Magnus, Taipei, Taiwan. 7/08

Comments: Initially the strings are quite good, but after an hour or two of serious hitting they really wear out; in short, this string is not worth getting.
From: Anon. 2/08

Comments: I played with Intellistring for one hour and had to stop because of elbow pain. It felt stiffer than a polyester, and I avoid those to save my elbow. Also, it had much less spin potential than I am used to. It is hard to understand how this string could be so popular. It is a shame to cut strings out after only an hour of use.
From: John, Surprise, AZ, USA. 12/07

Comments: Awesome string. I strung it on my Microgel extreme at 59 lbs, and since then, all my shots have landed exactly on the baseline. No one can return any of my hard shots. You may want to string at 60- 62 for better results.
From: Garry, Hawaii. 10/07

Comments: This string was hitting pretty well in the beginning but it is not the best for hitting real hard balls. In my experience the string lost its tension pretty quick and I had to fix the strings after every point. If you're a power baseliner this string will just become trouble later on.
From: Jay, Springfield, PA, USA 05/06

Comments: This string isn't worth your money if you want performance. Lost about 6-8lbs of tension after a week and will not break. you'll end up cutting these things before you actually break it. could end up being very easy on the arms if strung low. no bite, its like hitting with a plank of wood...
From: Anonymous, Cottonweed, AZ USA 03/06

Comments: I picked up this string about a month back, strung it quite loose (54lb) on my Prince synergy extender. Initially i could immediately feel more bite on my back hand and great crsipness on the volleys. In terms of feel however, especially on the forehand it feels a bit stiff and forehands feel little "board like" especially on off centre hits. What i do notice is that the strings keep their shape amazingly and tension loss has been much slower (i used a prince topspin 16 earlier strung at 57). Now as the tension has slacked just a little i find that forehands are a little tougher to control, i tend to over hit a lot more. Also the crosses (which are single filament) look to be fraying, though im not sure if thats normal or a sign of decay (as one would assume). Overall i am quite happy with this string, especially for what its done for my weak loopy back hand, but perhaps next time around i would get it strung a couple of pounds higher.
From: ADI
Indonesia 2/25/06

Comments: I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Luxilon Big Banger, so I tried the Head Intellistring. It doesn't give quite the same power or pop, but what I find is if you string it a little looser than normal it provides for great spin and touch. It is durable, but not like Luxilon (after two sets I realized it had frayed a significant amount). And it doesn't hold tension far as well, but if you are looking for a string that gives you a little more bite (especially if you play on clay) try this string (and Luxilon ALU Power Rough!) You make the choice!
From: Alex, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. 10/05

Comments: I can't recommend this string set. I wasn't happy with it at all. Itís just such a blah string. Nothing spectacular about it. I found it lost tension way too quickly, and notched up pretty quick too. The mains really didn't help with ball spin. I had it strung at 65.
From: Sean, Santa Ana, CA, USA. 10/04

Comments: I am 16 years old and I am on my Senior High Varsity tennis team (Plano West, number 3 in state). I have to say that the HEAD Intellistring is by far one of the best strings Iíve ever used.
From: Peter, Plano, Texas, USA. 10/04

Comments: I'm 14 and I'm on my high school varsity team. I have to say I really like the head Intellistring. I use it on my head Intelligence S6 Oversize and it has just begun to truly wear to the point where it is about to break after a year and a half playing almost daily in the spring and summer. It seems to give extra spin to the ball on slices and topspin compared to others, but doesn't quite have as much spring. I'm now moving onto the Gamma 17 XP Live Wire string, which has received some good reviews, but is not a hybrid.
From: Mike, Marlboro, New Jersey, USA. 4/04

Comments: I am 15 and have these strings on my Head i.x6 oversize. I love them to death. I have had the racquet for almost a year now and haven't broken a set yet. I play the #3 singles on my high school varsity team and have nothing but good things to say about this string.
From: Braden, Burley, ID, USA. 3/04

Comments: I really liked this string. It has good power, excellent ball bite, good tension maintenance, and good durability. The string has a muted feel to it, which may rub some people the wrong way, but the performance is excellent.
From: Kevin, Austin, TX, USA. 2/04

Comments: Tennis Trainer and HS Coach Ė I loaned my Intelligence Radical MP to my number one singles player who has been playing with the Head Prestige, strung with Wilson string. He broke two sets in 30 minutes. His second serve started kicking over a 10ft. fence on the ad side. He couldn't believe the way the string grabbed the ball on all spins. My own experience is that this string is excellent in all categories. I've used it for about a year, and have broken only one set. This is remarkable because my first serve was clocked at 127mph and my second at 115mph. I teach constantly, and probably put in 40 hours of play with high level juniors before restringing my racquets. I recommend this string for any advanced player.
From: Steven, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 1/04

Comments: I played with two Head Intelligence I S.-12 racquet since the string broke too often. I used the recommended Intelligence string, which cost me $29.99, and broke the strings every 6-8 hours play (about every other day). I don't know the reason why it broke so often. I used to play other racquets (e.g., Head Ti Heat) and string used to last minimum a month or two. Is it because of string or is it due to this racquet (I S.12)?
From: Choi, Tallahassee, FL, USA. 12/03

Comments: This string felt great the first few times I hit with it, but slowly lost all feel and became lifeless. I'm a 5.0 all court player who strung his Head iPrestige at 56lbs.
From: Damion, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 9/03

Comments: Within one month, I broke this string twice. If you are looking for a durable string, this one is not what you want.
From: Ben, Orlando, FL, USA. 9/03

Comments: Iím 15 years old and what I wanted was a type of string that lasts long. This is the type of string to get. I play with heavy topspin and usually I break strings once a week. Now with these strings it takes it a while to break. These strings are awesome, your spin power and control will be better
From: David, Albuquerque, NM, USA. 8/03

Comments: This string is extremely stiff. For the price, you're much better off with a high quality, softer string. If you're looking for a hybrid string, I'd recommend a homemade polyon/multifilament hybrid. The mains on this stuff feel like a steel board. I have tennis elbow, and this string does not help it at all.
From: Anon, 8/03.

Comments: I am 15 years old and I used the head Intellistrings before. I play with a Triad 4.0 OS. The head Intellistrings give you great top spin, but then the strings don't last very long. I hit the ball with a heavy topspin, which made the strings snap in 1 week. So if you want strings with topspin you've picked the right one, but if you want durability then don't get these.
From: Winston, Newark, CA, USA. 6/03

Comments: I am 15 years old and I used the Head Intellistring before. I play with a Triad 4.0 OS. The Head Intellistring gives you great topspin, but then the strings don't last very long. I hit the ball with a heavy topspin, which made the strings snap in 1 week. So if you want strings with topspin you've picked the right one, but if you want durability then don't get these.
From: Winston, Newark, CA, USA. 6/03

Comments: What a great string. I play with a Hyper Hammer 6.3 OS and I had Prince Topspin 16g strings on it to begin with. My friend has a Head i.S6 with Head Intellistring and I loved it. I then put Intellistring on my racquet and I loved it even more! My shots are placed better then ever before and it's given me a surprising boost in power. It also has a crisp touch to it, which I like. If you have the extra cash (since they are $40-$50 where I live) and you want a boost in power and control, go for the Head Intellistring. On the same token, if you want tons of spin enhancement then I will refer you to my previous string, Prince Topspin 16g. Although, Head Intellistring does provide some spin as well.
From: Josh, Surrey, BC. Canada 1/03

Comments: I just got my Head Ti. Heat strung with this string and I have to say, it really brings out the power in a control racquet. I got it strung at 58lbs and I have never played as good. I would recommend these strings for anyone who wants a mixture of power and control.
From: Timothy Heyer, Maitland, NSW. Australia 12/02

Comments: I am 14 years old (soon to be 15 in December) and I am #1 on the JV tennis team at my high school. I use this string on my Head i.Prestige MP and I have to say that this string is awesome on this racquet. After putting this string on my racquet, it always takes a few minutes to get used to, but once it's broken in, this string works wonders. I have precise placement on all of my shots. An added plus is that the color of the string matches my racquet, too! (Hahaha.)
From: Derek, Corpus Christi, TX. USA 10/02

Comments: I have Oversize Ti Radical. I used Forten hybrid string before and it was so stiff and really not comfortable on my hand. Then I looked for a new string in this website and I saw the very good reviews and feedbacks on the Intellistring. I get more control on the ball when I use this string and also it's so soft when I hit the ball. I use 63lbs tension.
From: Leslie, San Diego, CA. USA 10/02

Comments: I own a Ti. Radical and have tried plenty of different strings. Including, Gamma TNT, and Babolat X-Cel Premium and none of them held tension or felt half as good as this string. If you are a heavy hitter who still uses a lot of spin this is the string for you. If you are using a mid- plus racquet get it strung from 58 to about 62, and you should be very happy with the results.
From: Daniel, Houston, TX. USA 9/02

Comments: I use a Head IS 10 and have tried several strings. I love the feel & power of the Head Intellistring 16L but break a lot of strings. It can get expensive. I have broken strings three times in a couple of weeks.
From: Tim, Minneapolis, MN. USA 8/02

Comments: Head Intellistring 16L has been great for me. I use a Head i.S10 and this frame breaks a lot of strings. This string has lasted the longest for me. I have tried so many strings and wasted so much money, now I will always buy this string. This string and string savers have lasted me about 2 months. This string is great and recommended for everyone!
From: Anonymous, Illinois, USA 7/02

Comments: The Head Intellistring 16L sting is amazing, all things considered. The touch is great and the durability is unmatched. The string is not stiff. I don't know how anyone could think that because it plays a perfect blend of dead feel and spring for the baseline game. If you had trouble stinging this racquet it is only because you don't string enough. As compared to any other durable string (anything other than a pure 16 gauge or a lightly enforced string such as price Duraflex) it strings real easy. This string was obviously made for players like myself.
From: Jason, Bethlehem, PA. USA 4/02

Comments: Head Intellistring 16L is my string of choice for my Prince Triple Threat Rebel. It is the most durable string I have ever used. Even though not as powerful as Live Wire, it has more control and lots of spin potential. It is also cheaper. I am a heavy hitter who breaks string every 8-10 hours of play. But this string lasts 3 times longer. The strange thing is, the crosses always break before the mains.
From: Siheng, Los Angeles, CA. USA 4/02

Comments: I play with the new i Radical Oversize racquet and just recently put this string in it. It perfomed better than I thought it would. The ball came off the strings very clean. The only downside was after playing for a while, I noticed some tension loss.
From: Scotty, Nanuet, NY. USA 4/02

Comments: I play with the new i.radical oversize racquet and just recently put this string on it. This string perfomed better than i thought it would. The ball came off the strings very clean. The only downside was after playing for a while. I noticed a good amount of tension lost
From: Scotty, Nanuet, NY, USA 2/02

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