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Comments: I play 4x per week and these shoes lasted me 5 months. After about 3-4 months, the front toe started separating from the sole and gradually got worse to the point it wasn't playable. I also had the inserts wear out very quickly. So from a durability standpoint, this was a little disappointing.

The fit was average - perhaps slightly big, but nothing an extra pair of socks or tightly tying the laces couldn't fix. I did end up having to trim 18" off of each lace because they were so long though.

From a comfort standpoint, these shoes offer little arch support and are very flat. Custom inserts helped some, but overall my feet hurt after playing for any extended period of time.

As far as looks go, they are pretty sweet. That and the low weight of the shoe were the best features and what interested me in buying them.

Traction was below average - unless it was a spotless court, there was slippage. I had to frequently wipe the bottom of the soles to get rid of dust, even after mopping. The gum rubber is nice but it's just so flat that conditions have to be perfect to get the most out of them.

Overall I wasn't that impressed. I bought a pair of Mizuno Lightning RX2 shoes a month ago, so although I can't talk to their durability, everything else is better - more comfortable, lighter, and give better traction on all playing surfaces.

From: Jeremiah, Lynchburg, VA, USA, 07/13
Skill-level: A

Comments: I've always ben a big fan of the Hi-Tec shoe line so when these came out I was excited about them… That being said….Hi-Tec's lately have had a problem with the toe of the shoe separating from the sole after a few months of playing. Luckily Racquetball warehouse has a great customer support system and you usually will be able to get some sort of satisfaction.

These shoes seemed to address that issue by bringing the rubber toe cover back bit so it's not a mesh side taking the strain. The first thing I felt when I put the shoes on was how flat they were, there's no lift under the heal so you're forces to play of your toes or get caught "flat" on your feet during rallies.

The shoe does fit rather loose so I would order 1/2 size smaller since they will stretch a bit during play. I loved the super light feel of the shoe and the gum sole grip well on a clean court (not so good on dirty or dusty courts)

The ONLY real drawback of these shoes is the sole inserts. Hi-Tec seems to have spent tons of time and money on designing a great shoe but ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS drop the ball on the inserts. They wear super fast and have to be replaced, which is sad when you're spending $90.00 or more on a shoes.

From: Tom, Mililani, HI, USA, 01/13
Skill-level: Open / A

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