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Comments: Nice poly and really cheap. Only hit with it once so far for 1 hour in a new frame. Power was good, and spin was good considering the tension. I haven't hit in a while but I'm liking it so far.
From: Josh, 10/12

Comments: (Racquetball) Went through this whole reel in about 2 months of playing, 16 or 17 string sets. I play 3 times a week, hit as hard as I possibly can and this string does not last at all. I switch to this from E-Force platinum which was 100x better.  Do not waste your money on this though it is cheap, Tecnifibre syn gut, does not work well for racquetball. I strung it at 34lbs, never lasted more than 2 matches, seriously, unless you can hardly hit the ball, get something else.

From: Chad, Littleton, CO, USA, 08/12
Skill-level: Open

Comments: Good string for the price. I had played with this for a month now. I break the string every 3/4 hours of hard practice. But this is pretty good string. I recommend it for all the players who doesn't have a big spin.
From: Florian, 7/12

Comments: My son's tennis pro gave him a sample to string his racket. We use a hybrid with the cross at 60lbs. No problems at all. My son is a lefty with heavy forehand topspin. He breaks the cross strings almost weekly during tournaments and practices. I have not found a synthetic gut string yet to survive his left hand. We have tried many brands including Gamma, we are using Prince until we run out, and it is no competition for the lefty. The Tecnifibre Synthetic survived a tournament so far.
From: Van, Montgomery, AL, USA, 10/10

Comments: The string is nice. Spin and pocketing was great. Feel was ok very typical on a synthetic gut. However, the string is very sensitive when it comes stringing time. I had my first stringing job on my racquet. Then after I had it strung, in less than an hour going to the court, it suddenly snapped without hitting any ball. It easily breaks when the string is wounded upon installation. But over all the performance is acceptable for the price.
From: Jojo, South San Francisco, CA, USA. 10/09

Comments: This is the best string on the market today in its price range and a very good string overall. I also find it to be a very durable string, but for best results use this string as the cross string in a hybrid. That's where it really shines.
From: John, Suitland, md. 3/09

Comments: This string is OK I guess. Spin isn't great, but it's good enough. The only real problem is that I break it after 2 days even when in a hybrid with Luxilon TiMo. By the way, I string it at 66 lbs. with no problems.
From: Michael, Marietta, Georgia, USA. 3/08

Comments: This is the worse string I've ever seen. I've strung 5 racquets with this and on three of them the string broke on the machine, even if the tension was 23 kgp. I'll never buy this string again.
From: Adrian, Satu Mare, Romania. 3/08

Comments: This string is OK, I guess. I mean I played fine with it and all, but not what I wanted really. I didn't get as much spin as I usually do. I did use it in a hybrid with Babolat Conquest once, and I liked it because it lasted longer than usual (duh). This is not my first choice.
From: Daniel, Goldboro, NC, USA. 2/08

Comments: Great string for the price. I break strings every week, and for the price, this string for hybrid stringing is a no brainer.
From: Dan, Cathedral City, CA, USA. 1/08

Comments: The string has nice control and feel for a low cost string, if your a frequent string breaker and don't mind stringing your racquet often than this is for you, for only a couple of dollars per string set it's a great deal.
From: Sam, Toronto, Canada, 02/07

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