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Tecnifibre Multi-Feel 16 String

Comments: Love this string. Many of the multis these days are quite muted. When added to a modern muted racquet, you lose vibrations but also feel. This string though together with Wilson's NXT is different. You know where tou are with it. It is but soft but there is feel. From Tecnifibre, I rate it higher than NRG, TGV and X-one Biphase, and cheaper. If you want a muted multi, try the HDX Tour from Tecni which has same control as a co-poly.
From: Louis, 2/16/17

Comments: This a great main string to use in a hybrid set up with a medium firm poly, or even a softer poly. That it is relatively cheap as compared to gut or any of the top multi's is certainly a bonus for your wallet. It will snap back and give you excellent spin, even in a standard open string pattern (16x19). I can't speak for the spin racquets though. The feel is comparable to NRG2, which I also use as a main. I do prefer the NRG2, but Multi-Feel does suffice if you are looking to keep costs down.
From: Brian, 7/16

Comments: I have played with a lot of strings on many different racquets and know most racquets have a "best set up." Strings can also change the feel completely with different tensions, so it's all subjective to the player and how they like the feel and sound of the strings. Having said that, there are only a hand full of strings that I know that play consistent in several racquets and at different tensions, and this is one of them. The aspects I like most about Multifeel is that it offers consistency throughout a full bed. I would not use this as a hybrid in any form, but in a full bed, it just feels like it belongs in my racquet. I know, from the second I hit it, where the ball is going and how much pace it has on the ball. The spin and speed is directly proportionate to how much I put into it and it provides immediate, cushioned feedback throughout the play. It holds tension the best of any multifilament I have ever used and maintains feel throughout the life of the string. I am not a string breaker though and have an eastern grip and one handed backhand, so take that into consideration. For me, as more of a classic style player (at the 4.0 level), this string offers the best bang for the buck of many good strings out there. Strung on a Volkl Organic V1 Pro at 55 lbs.
From: Mike, 6/16

Comments: Felt great. Very soft and decent pop. Broke in 45 minutes though.
From: Matthew, 5/16

Comments: Using it as in the mains with a smooth poly cross. It is a high quality string and one of the best buys out there. It is similar to NRG2 but a bit crisper. Spin potential is very good blended with the poly cross and Multifeel adds a bit of comfort and feel. This string is a about 80% multi and 20% syn gut monofilament. And, it sort of plays like a good multi with a touch of crisp syn gut feel. I like both NRG2 and MF and cannot say one is better than the other. NRG2 maybe softer and a bit livelier. MF crisper (but still soft enough) and a more controllable muted feel.
From: Anon, 8/15

Comments: Solid tension maintenance considering it is a multifilament. Soft on the arm but not too soft. A good buy for the price. A great cross string with a poly main. Would not recommend with a shaped poly. Currently using this as a cross with Head Sonic Pro Edge and the poly is sawing through this after 2 hours of hitting.
From: Jonathan, 1/15

Comments: I have this string in my Prince Tour ESP 100 at 60 pounds. I found this string to be very easy on the arm and not shift around at this lower tension for this type of racquet. This string is a very good buy for the price. I will restring a couple more racquets with it.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: I played with this string and to be honest, I have been very disappointed. I play with a Babolat and have always played with Technifibre, but this string gets ruffled very quickly (after 3 hours of tennis). At first I thought it might be a defect, but it has now been 6/7 packets. I am now forced to buy a new 200m roll. Not good.
From: Bas, 6/14

Comments: Been playing for 30 plus years and this is my favorite string to date. It's the only multi that does not move on the stringbed yet and it is super easy on the arm. I strung my Speed Elite Innegra at 54 lbs and it felt amazing. Just had my other one strung at 52 lbs to compare. I was using NRG before but like this string better for pocketing and comfort.
From: Jeff, 11/13

Comments: Simply amazing strings. For the last theree years, I've played with a Babolat PD (without cortex) usually strung at 58lbs with Kirschbaum Proline2 17g. After a 3rd arm injury, I decided to change racquets and no more poly strings. I couldn't find anything that was as good as my BPD, so I switched to these strings. They are crisp, accurate and powerful. Feels good on my arm. I am still able to generate super spin. I've only spent two hours with these, so I can't comment on the durability yet.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: Better than X-One Biphase for price and durability. Must try!
From: Steven, 3/13

Comments: I really enjoying this string. There is great feel, decent durability, and is very comfortable (a big plus, since I have been working through an arm issue for the past 8 months.) I am a big hitter, and feel like I am getting great plow-through with a full bed of these. I have loaded up my racquets with String Savers to extend their life, though. I think I've found a new string.
From: Anon, 8/11

Comments: I found Multi Feel better than NRG2. With Multi Feel, I have more control on my groundstrokes and strings don't move at all! Power is also pretty good. And the most important thing, my arm is happier! Durability is similar to NRG2.
From: Chris. 6/11

Comments: This string is a must try. It has power like most multifilaments but without the trampoline effect. I really felt like I could harness the power and the spin potential is high. Comfort is also very good even though it is listed on the high end of the RSI stiffness ratings.
From: Mikeler, Orlando, FL, USA. 4/11

Comments: I decided to buy the strings after reading miklers multi thread on the Talk Tennis forum. I hybrid this on crosses with ALU Rough mains. The power I get from this hybrid is 3 times more than my previous setup and ultimately as much control (as the first time you use original Big Banger Rough) as a full bed of ALU Power. The strings are still lively after a week of play(20+ hours).
From: Will, Chicago. 4/11

Comments: 55 lbs Multifeel/ 53 Tecnifibre Synth gut. I felt if was way too powerful, good pocketing but many of my shots were a bit long. At this tension the mains move too much for my taste. I will try it with the same hybrid but strung both mains and crosses about 3-4 lbs tighter
From: Marco, London, UK, 10/09

Comments: I bought a reel for $100, and at 32.5 ft / racquet (yes, I measured this), I get 20 sets, or $5 / set. On my Yonex RDS 001 90s @ 56 lbs, playability and feel are excellent, stringbed movement is acceptable (NOTE: Ideal for those who like to straighten their strings as a way to focus between points), and durability is much better than expected from a multifilament string. I'm a 4.5, power hitter with heavy spin off of both sides. From the user reviews I half expected to hate this string, but the 'pro' reviews were favorable so I decided to try it. Absolutely love this string. I mostly play on dirty, gritty, sandy public courts that grate the fuzz off the balls in about 30 minutes, and yet I get 10 hrs of singles play per string job. At $5 / set, who cares? Sure beats paying $13 - 15 / set for Live Wire XP, X-1 Biphase, or Wilson NXT. I'll be stocking up on this string next time it's on sale.
From: Jonny, Ventura, CA. 11/08

Comments: This string is extremely arm friendly and offers great ball pocketing. I strung the Multi-Feel at 56lbs in my Volkl C10 with an electronic machine and the tension was right on the money. I currently have a shoulder problem will be having arthroscopy within the next 6 weeks. This string is helping me get a little hitting time relatively pain free until I have the surgery. I was playing with Gosen Micro 17 previously and there was quite a bit of shock being transmitted to the elbow and shoulder. I have been playing tennis for almost 20 years and would rate myself a strong 4.5 baseline player. The polyester or so- called hybrid strings will give you some sort of arm problem over time. I rather spend a little more money on string and remain injury free. Kudos to Tecnifibre!!! I will be ordering some after I finish my rehabilitation from the surgery!!! I highly recommend this string to anyone who has arm problems!!!!
From: Ken, Brooklyn, NY. 7/08

Comments: A nicely priced a Polyurethene (PU) coated multi focused on feel and playability. $9 nicely slotted below Wilson NXT and Tecnifibre NRG. Tension maintenance throughout the life of the string is better than NXT & NRG2 but less durable than NXT. Like all PU multis, the cross will fray and break first. The string is more control oriented, less ball pocketing and trampoline effect than the other two. The feel is crisp but is manages to be quite easy on the arm; even at 63 lbs. String movement is minimal, which is great for creating ample spin. It is also friendly on the stringer but you need to clean your clamps every few string jobs to avoid slippage. This is common with this type of multi. A good buy for this grade of string. I would definitely buy again. Racquet: Tecnifibre T-Feel 305 (63lbs)
From: D Wong, Austin, Texas, USA. 5/08

Comments: Very good strings, soft and good in the maintenance department. Had to restring it three pounds lower to get all the spins, distance, serve speed and still have control that I needed. Rate with TNT, Wilson NXT, and Yonex 850 super, which is saying a lot. Multi feel main 16/57lb/cross with Tecnifibre synthetic gut 16/56lb. 4.5 fischer pro 1 lite.
From: Don, San Diego, California. 12/07

Comments: Great string! Like Lars, I consistently experience breakage with the crosses & I have never had this with any other string. In my Prince O3 White, this string is so crisp and offers wonderful ball pocketing and appropriate power. Tension maintenance is great, too. Anon and another person said, "Make them seven bucks and I will stock them up for years." The trick is the reel and it averages to about SIX BUCKS per string job! Either way, highly recommended string.
From: GiNa, Charlotte, NC, USA. 9/07

Comments: If you like the way NRG2 hits but you are disappointed in NRG2's tension maintenance, then you'll love Multifeel. My holy grail was finally found when I strung my mains with Tecnifibre's Multifeel (60#) and the crosses with Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex (58#). The tension maintenance of the Multifeel is very good with the center core construction, yet still comfortable to hit with given the outer multi-wraps. The feel of the string is like a crisp natural gut but less lively (powerful). Control and spin are excellent, along with durability and tension maintenance. Power is there when you need it.
From: Rodney, Yukon, OK, USA. 7/07

Comments: Very comfortable string but it frays really easy on clay. Takes me about 2h to break it (n6tour @ 58pounds). The strangest thing is that it's always the crosses that break first not the mains. I haven't experienced this with any other string before.
From: Lars, Gothenburg, Sweden, 07/07

Comments: I have been playing with TF F-Feels big brother TF NRG2 for 4 years but I wanted to try something else cheaper and hopefully with more durability. The first time I used it I did a hybrid with it (mains) and lowered the tension about 3 pounds from what I normally used for NRG2. Played much harsher than NRG2. The second time I dropped it again 3 lbs to 53/51 (53 is the lower limit on my Prince O3 Tour) and then it played soft right away, very similar to NRG2 but with greater durability. I will buy again.
From: Paul, Burbank, CA, USA, 06/07

Comments: Nice string. Strung at 55 lbs. on my Yonex RDX-500 MP. I switched to this after experiencing tennis elbow while using a polyester hybrid (gut/Babolat Pro Hurricane). Holds tension well & nice soft feel. Play mostly doubles & it has nice feel at both the baseline & for volleys. Just started using it so can't comment on the durability yet. If it holds up well, will definitely buy again.
From: Jackie, Woodridge, IL, USA. 3/07

Comments: Very good string for the money, holds tension really well. Doesn't move around too much; more durable than I predicted. Strung at 64lbs. in a Prince Air DB oversize. I'd buy them again and string least 2 lbs or so lower. I had strung a little tighter than I wanted, expecting tension loss from past experience with Tecnifibre strings. These lost no tension whatsoever.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Nice pocketing and bite. Using this one in the mains with syn gut PSGD which adds spin. Like Eugene says "Make them 7 bucks and I will stock them up for years."
From: Anon, Orlando, FL, USA, 12/06

Comments: It is a very good string, but you have to break it in for a day or so (strung at 59 pounds in a Babolat Aeropro). At first it feels like it gives you too little power, but then it becomes nicely responsive, though still not overly powerful.
From: Kyra, Miami, FL, USA. 11/06

Comments: Awesome strings. Just awesome. Just like gut. Strings are very sticky, so no movement. Unbelievable pocketing. Not harsh at all. Tension holds well at least 6 hours. Very good for small heads like my RDX 500 Mid. Make them 7 bucks and I will stock them up for years.
From: Eugene, Thornhill, ON, Canada. 9/06

Comments: This is a great string. It plays almost identically to NXT, but for much less. Good durability because of the gauge. Highly recommended.
From: Grant, Alpharetta, GA, USA 04/06

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