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Tecnifibre Multi-Feel 17 String

Comments: I can sing praises for this string all day. There is one major problem though -- it breaks so gosh darn fast. Whether I use the 16 or 17 gauge, I'm breaking these strings in under 5 hours easily. But that being said, I play some of my best tennis in those five hours. This multi is low powered, soft, gets an ok grip on the ball, and holds its tension through death.
From: Jon, 8/16

Comments: Very arm friendly string. Plush would be a good way to describe the ball coming off them. A little underpowered for my taste but good control and feel. Not bad string but I am not in love with them.
From: Ken, 4/16

Comments: This has become my favorite string over Yonex Poly Pro Tour and Prince Premiere Touch. I have been looking for a very arm friendly string that still has good touch, power, spin, and above all feel. This string gets a 10 for feel. Probably a 9 for touch, 9 for power, and about a 7 for spin. When the ball hits these strings, it feels so plush! You can't go wrong here.
From: Brian, 10/15

Comments: I enjoyed hitting with this string. I have it in the Head Youtek Radical oversize at 48 pounds. It was very comfortable and hard hit shots stayed in the court. This string is a good fit for oversize racquets.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: I love these strings. The control is good and it is very easy on my arm. I have this strung at 60 lbs on both my Babolat Aero Pro Drive GTs. I agree that the durability is not fantastic. I believe that hitting with a lot of spin will fray them sooner than hitting hard. I am guessing that I get about 20 hours before restringing. Compared to a round of golf it is pretty reasonable.
From: Rune, 7/14

Comments: I had this strung at 59 lbs on my Wilson Steam 100. The feel was pretty good and it gave me good control on my shots during baseline rallies. I usually hit with topspin. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 14 hours of play which is a big let down!
From: Srivatsan, 2/14

Comments: My favorite multi - it plays firmer than other multis, but is easy on my arm. I recommend to string it 2- 3 pounds lower than usual, it gives you more pop and spin without losing control, since it holds tension well.
From: Pete, 4/13

Comments: After getting tennis elbow in 2005, and after that trying nearly every string (manufacturer/type) on the market, I found this. And I can honestly say - this string is the only thing I've found that allows me to still play tennis. I can't even imagine what I'd do if this was (someday) not available. Thank you Tecnifibre!
From: Alan, 11/12

Comments: This string is very easy to string and a provides lots of feel as a cross string with a poly in the mains. However, I break this string in under 20 hours of tennis. I hit with lots of topspin.
From: Vladimir, 7/12

Comments: A great all round string. Surprisingly lasts as well. Easier on the arm than X1 Biphase.
From: Blair, 2/12

Comments:My favorite string, it feels like 80% of multifilament mix with 15% of synthetic gut with 5% of thin PU as its outer layer. It lasts me about 25-30 hours(summer) with somewhat hard hitting. Durability is good compare with other multifilament and it is affordable.
From: Jack, 11/11

Comments: Dear Tecnifibre, well done on this string I will be using it for all my racquets from now on I hit with a prince hybrid 100 and I've never had better strings in my racquet.
From: J-Kwon, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 10/10

Comments: This string bothered my elbow and moves around a lot on the stringbed of my Aero Drive +. I've gone to Babolat Pro Hurricane 18G It stays solid in the bed and doesn't bother my elbow. Not for me.
From: Wes, Toledo, OH, USA. 8/10

Comments: I used it as a cross on my hybrid string set up. Boy, these strings go fast. I'm not a hard hitter but I hit with plenty of spin. These strings were fraying by my 3rd outing, and broke on the 6th one. As a cross, they do provide more feel than Gosen, but durability is a huge an issue.
From: Sam, CA, USA, 05/10

Comments: I've tried several multis and this one is the best. It is easy to string, durability is great and maintains good feel longer then most. It's priced right and I too hope they keep making it.
From: Joe, Corona, California, USA, 12/09

Comments: Easy to string and easy on the arm. Frays quickly and doesn't last much longer than a month or so (AG 300 at 62 lbs/playing 3 times a week).
From: A. 2/09

Comments: This string is excellent. It's easy on the arm with plenty of pop and feel. I play with heavy topspin and the strings barely move. A great all-around string that I hope they will never stop making. I currently use a Volkl C7 Pro Mid-plus with the Multi-Feel strung at 60 lbs.
From: Pat, Athens, GA USA. 3/08

Comments: I am a Teaching Pro and an earlier Top 10 ranked sectionals tournament player. I presently use the Diablo Mid Plus and the Tecnifibre Multi-Feel 17 string strung at 55lbs. This string is incredible. I get such a nice response on all strokes especially touch shots. I really depend on touch shots and spin. This string is the icing on the cake. Play this string and enjoy tennis.
From: Hayward, Lejre, Denmark, 10/07

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