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Wilson NXT 17 String Black

Comments: Been using NXT 17 in Babolat Pure Drive Plus at 55 lbs. They have had a fraying problem but still played excellent. I think they addressed the problem but now it plays very stiff to the point I'm having arm problems. I string my own with an electronic stringing machine and I get very accurate results. Tried reducing tension but still no go. Technifibre NRG2 here I come.
From: Roger, 11/16

Comments: In regards to Kenneths previous comments. You clearly haven't used quality strings like this before as this is what they do because of the multi filament. You will notice fraying but the strings are still going to last and play well till they finally brake. I'm guessing at 60 years old or older as you have 50 years experience you dont hit the ball that hard anymore so your strings will last a while and the strings don't discriminate if your a good or bad player so not sure the relevance of your 3.5 to 4.0 player comment. The wilson NXT strings are great for any level or age of play and I would endorse these strings to anyone that wants a good quality of string as I do know strings because I've been stringing racquets for over 30 years.
From: Stuart, Australia, 04/16
Skill- level: Open 

Comments: My Wilson NXT 17 strings began fraying in the center within 3 weeks. I am a 3.5 to 4.0 player with 50 years experience and have never had strings begin fraying this soon. I have a Head Speed MP racquet strung at 57 lbs. I play 1 to 3 times per week and hit primarily flat to moderate spin.
From: Kenneth, 3/16

Comments: I can't say enough good things about this string. I started using the new Wilson Blade 104 and I have this string at 48 lbs and it is amazing. I still hit the ball hard and I still have not broken a string or have it fraying. I have great control along with the comfort and power I get. The touch shots are very accurate and proficient.
From: Mike, 6/15

Comments: I started stringing my daughter's Wilson BLX Juice 108 with this string. She is pretty much a beginner so it was important to us that she felt comfortable hitting with this string. She was not disappointed. I started using it in my Head IG Radical 107 at 45 pounds and found it was really good there as well. This string does not separate when hitting and I hit pretty hard. I am also using this gauge in my Prince Tour ESP 100 at 63/60 lbs and it feels great there as well.
From: Mike, 12/14

Comments: Strung a racquet each in black 17g and original natural 17g -- the black lasted about 5 hours total playing time. It is stiffer and the sheath material flakes rather than frays. No difference in feel but durability is worse than regular NXT.
From: Alec, 6/13

Comments: I tried these and found them to be quite good and responsive. I am a big hitter using the Wilson BLX Blade Team with the strings at 51 pounds. I had no trouble keeping the ball in the court while blasting monster forehand shots. There is no sign of wear after 2 hours of play.
From: Mike, 11/12

Comments: I got these for my 12 year old son, and they broke in under a half hour.
From: Brian, 8/12

Comments: I play 4-5 times a week, and I hit with a lot of topspin. I had always used the Wilson NXT 17 Natural - which is a fantastic string, but I pop them in about a month (I have it on two racquets and strung at different tensions - both pop fast). I thought the coating on the black strings would last longer - Not the case! I put it on strung at 59, and I popped a string after about 10 hours of play. Very unhappy with the black version of this string, you lose some of the feel - and they pop faster.
From: Lisa, 5/12

Comments: Looks great when strung - it was purchased for my 11 year old son for his BLX Team. Feedback from him was that it played really well but it frayed in less than 2 weeks of regular play. Factory strings with Sensation lasted at least twice as long. It was particularly disappointing as the initial playability was fantastic and given that it is a closed string pattern racket I would have expected them to last much longer. Have now replaced with NRG and will be interesting to see how they perform by comparison at the same tension (54 Lbs).
From: Phil, 2/12

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