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Penn Ballistic 2.0 Racquetballs 3 Ball Can

Comments: If you need a challenge, it's this ball. The red Penn racquetball is faster and has much more bounce in it than the blue one. I use blue ones for practice and play with red ones. I like the red ones because it gives more of a challenge to be quick on my feet. The first time I played with it I was like "it's too fast!"! 
From: Shelby, USA, 12/15
Skill-level: Beginner 

Comments: Love the red ball. For me, they seem to be much faster then the other colors. you get a real true fst bounce that will give you a chance to return. The pace of the game with this ball is crazy fast. i love not knowing where the next shot will come from. It has sped up my game but also my opponents game. i have to adjust to the quick turnaround in single play.True, the ball does not last as long but the quality of play you get from it will make it all worth it.
From: Fred, Old Tappan, NJ, USA, 04/15
Skill-level: B 

Comments: These break easily, and are heavy.  Tend to stay alive in play longer. 
From: Lemuel, Dallas, TX, USA, 06/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: This ball is fast, and I mean fast for even the novice player.  If you just want a "Serve Fest," this is the ball to have. Not many volleys when drive serving. The ball does not last too long!! Color is great for visibility.
From: G-MAN, 02/11

Comments: I compared these balls to the USA made green Penn balls that I still have left and they are much slower. The rubber is softer and the action is not near as lively. Love the color but the Chinese product quality is poor as usual. On the hunt for a USA made ball.
From: Adam, Mansfield, OH, USA, 05/11
Skill-level: B/C

Comments: Worst ball I have ever played with. You will be lucky to get 2 games out of one these balls.
From: Wes, Magnolia,TX, USA, 06/10

Comments: I love this ball and would prefer not to play with any others. It is fast and consistent. It is heavier than others.
From: Brad, Ft. Collins, CO, USA, 02/10

Comments: These are very poor quality. 1-2 GAMES and thats it.
From:Dave, Monroe, WA, USA

Comments: I purchased a couple cans of these while Ektelon was sorting out rubber mixture problems with the Fireballs. Man, what a disappointment. The Penn reds feel heavy and slow to me, I'm giving mine away. If you're looking for a fast playing ball, go with the Ektelon Fireballs.
From: David, OR, USA, 01/08

Comments: According to the front of the can "Great for outdoor use." When used indoors the ball had a heavy feel when making contact w/ the racquet. The ball play was slower than normal and had less action. Visibility is better than blue or green.
From: Mark, Hollywood, FL, USA, 12/07

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