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ProKennex 2014 Kinetic FCB 175 Racquet

Comments: I played with this racquet because as Tony said, Kane uses it.  What I found was the balance was solid.  I had trouble with it initially because my frames are a lot heaver.  however power was there, control was ok.  My problem was with the string.  It looked like it was already restrung, but the racquet lasted for <3 games and the string broke.  Sent back to RbW.  The last thing I need to do is string racquets every other week.  I'll try other frames.
From: Mark, Titusville, FL, USA, 06/15
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Prince duraflex 40 lbs 

Comments: I'm sure it's great for Kane but I found it hard to work with at times. It does feel solid as hell. I like the control. Power was there too. I just felt like I had to concentrate more than on other racquets to hit similar shots. I recommend a demo of it if for no other reason than why I did. Because Kane uses it! lol
From: Tony, NJ, USA, 03/15
Skill-level: B 

Comments: Been playing with Head racquets for over 12 years and wasn't impressed with the Grapheme racquets for some reason, so I demo'd the FCB 175. Wow. First, the grip design is different - wider in one dimension and narrower in the other, so it fits perfectly in my hand. I find this to be ideally comfortable. Next, there are (depending what you play with now) 3 or 4 additional cross strings to benefit you, so if you hit a shot deeper in the pocket (like a quick reflex get or splat too close to the ball than usual) its still going to go in due to the longer sweet spot. The balance and handling are phenomenal, feels lighter like a 165. It powers the ball with a vengeance too, but overall I find myself once again just thinking the shot and it goes there just how I want. Love this racquet. Worth the switch.
From: Jim, Miami, FL, USA, 03/15
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Out of the box PK strings, tension 

Comments: best raquet i have played with. former racquet was head Black Widow 160. wanted a little more weight and control. this racquet was the perfect choice. very pleased. 
From: David, Richmond, VA, USA, 03/15
String type and tension: Stock 

Comments: Do i need a 230 dollar racket? No, is it worth 230, absolutely. This hits like a dream. Powers straight through any off center shots and is still light enough not to be a pain on quick reaction time. This racket makes even the weakest of hits come off pretty hot. I was amazed at some of the shots during practice that were much faster than what i felt like they should have been. I make bad decisions on the court all the time that leave me with a wrist snap shot of desperation and i can say that this racket makes those shots look pretty dam good. If this holds up durability wise I will be a life time fan. 
From: Michael, San Angelo, TX, USA, 02/15
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier Power 16 @ 34 lbs 

Comments: I have had this racquet for a couple of weeks.  The first week I had it was just getting used to difference in head weight.  You wouldn't think that it would be that big of a difference, but it is when I have only used the ProKennex KM FFT175 for the past 3 years.  With that said, once I adjusted and "dialed" in this racquet I absolutely love it. It gives me power when I want but still gives me amazing touch to my shots when I don't want power.   
From: Kelly, Rapid City, SD, USA, 10/14
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Ive been playing with this one for a month or two and seems that Pk has improved the durability in this line.  I loved last years model but went through four frames in six months.  Plays pretty much the same as last years model with great power and feel all around the court.  One difference to note is that you don't hear or feel the beads in the frame(the kinetic technology) when you shake it.  Another great racquet from PK!
From: Matt, Tucson, AZ, USA, 10/14
Skill-level: Elite
String type and tension: Pro kennex liquid 17 @ 34 

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