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Comments: This is the best mid priced racquet for control I have ever come across. I have demoed a bunch of racquets from several companies. I didn't really expect much out of the this one but when I picked it up it felt awesome. The control of this racquet is better than some of the high end racquets I have played with. In terms of power, the racquet has decent pop but really won't give you too much extra power. But if you have a feel/control game and like to play at the front of the court this racquet will be ideal for you. I must say the hollow core technology of ProKennex is awesome. I thought it might be a little gimmicky but this racquet has no vibration whatsoever without a vibration dampener. I really think ProKennex should come out with a racquet that combines the force flow technology and the hollow core technology. I think that would create the ultimate racquet.
From: Saleem, Avenel, NJ, USA, 09/13
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: I really like the weight & balance of this racquet. It is very light, and delivers a nice punch. Definitely a league ahead of the entry-level racquets I played with before this... It has really helped me up my game!
From: Nate, Grand Forks, ND, USA, 05/13
Skill-level: Recreational

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