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Comments: I think the PROKENNEX orange outdoor RACQUETBALLS are fun to play with indoors. They are faster than any other ball I know of. The floor indoors did not seem to be a problem. I just would like them to be a very bright orange. great racquetballs.  
From: Britt G., 09/13
Skill-level: B 

Comments: I like these very much for outdoor. They seem to weather rough concrete better and have what a couple players described as a "more solid" feel. They're fast and durable. I have to see one broken... The color's not great indoors..but outdoors these are excellent and very well received.
From: Patrick, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 12/12

Comments: I was used to the Ektelon Fireballs and I have to say, these balls are faster and are just a very fun ball to play with and just blow the fireball away. The orange takes a while to get used to but, once you do you won't want to play with anything else. A very good ball that has very good durability. I would highly recommend that anyone at least give these a try for something new. This is the fastest racquetball out there in my opinion.
From:Tanner, Garden City, Kansas

Comments: These new balls rock. They have great speed and they are very durable. The yellow color took a little while getting used to. I went from the red Ektelon to these and I strongly recommend these balls.
From: Matt, Port St Lucie, FL 01/08

Comments: I bought theese balls for indoor play. I love the color, however, it gets lost with the wood floor as a backround. The ball feels a little heavy with a thicker feeling skin. The game is a little slower than the other balls, but not bad. It takes some time (1 game or so) to get adjusted to the bounce. Overall, the ball was not that bad, but not my first choice. Its worth a few bucks to try something new in my opinion.
From: Mark, Hollywood, Florida

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