customer review

Comments: These balls are being used in more tournaments so my circle of friends and I switched from the Penn Blue to these. We like them better and they are very durable. They seldom break and they play consistently. (Note: We start with a new ball each day we play so the life span of a ball is 5-7 games.)   
From: Duane, El Dorado Hills, CA, USA, 06/14
Skill-level: Elite 

Comments: Myself and another player bought these balls and they played very well for a couple games then broke. At first we thought just a bad batch that I had but his did the same thing. All together we broke 3 balls in one afternoon of playing, just not impressed with the durability. I have Ektelon blue balls that have months of playing on them and never break, nor have we ever broke one. I do think there is a problem with these balls.
From: Keith M., Boise, ID, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: B 

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