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Prince Premier Touch 17 Clear 330' String Reel

Comments: This is the best multi I have ever used. It looks like gut, feels like gut, and plays better than some guts I have used before. I will definitely buy these strings again. I used it on the mains at 55 lbs and crossed it with Ytex Quadro at 45 lbs.
From: Charles, 3/16

Comments: Nope, not a string I would buy again. It was hard to string due to infinite coil memory. I also broke it pulling a knot, that was only the second time that's ever happened in about ten years of stringing. Durability was below average also. One positive -- it makes a nice "crack" when you hit the ball!
From: Dan, 11/15

Comments: This string is a rare find. It was very awkward when stringing as it seemed to show internal cracking or something. Soon, I realized that it was normal. As far as feel, this one is probably the closest to natural gut that I have found. This string has a very soft feel. It has amazing spin and touch for a round string. This string is very good at absorbing power and giving it back with control. I would recommend trying this if you want an arm friendly string with amazing touch and control.
From: Brian, 10/15

Comments: This string does not string up like a very soft string. It coils and kinks a bit and I have even broken it pulling the last knot once. That being said, it does play soft, even softer than some natural guts I have played. Those fed up with polys and wanting a comfortable set up must look into this string.
From: Blair, 7/15

Comments: I would recommend this string to anyone who has any elbow or wrist problems. I had a bit of both until I played with this string. Also if you play with a "classic style" -- hitting with minimal topspin and volleying wherever possible, I found this string greatly assisted in getting good depth in both groundstrokes and volleys. An added bonus was when playing a hard hitter and hitting a volley off center (which regularly happens) it had the benefit of totally eliminating the uncomfortable vibration and helped get the ball back over the net. Best string I have ever played with since the good old days of gut strings.
From: Brian, 3/15

Comments: I did not like this string at all. It was very difficult to string with, kept kinking worse than a 17g poly does. I did not find the level of comfort that a good multi fiber string produces. I might have to string more often but it will be so much easier than trying to work with this string again.
From: Mike, 12/14

Comments: I like it very much. I used it in the crosses at 55 lbs with the Prince Premier Power 17 in the mains also at 55 lbs. I use a Prince EXO3 Rebel 98. Very soft on my arm. Plays a lot like the NRG2 17. My favorite is still Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, but the X-One is not durable.
From: Eric, 3/14

Comments: Great string. I use it in the crosses of my EXO3 95 with VS Team 17 in the mains. 45/43 lbs. Great ball pocketing and comfort. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a soft string
From: Carl, 1/14

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