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Gamma Tension Calibrator

Comments: I ordered this from TW a couple of years back. The one I got has a golden color, unlike the picture. I cannot say whether this device gives the exact correct number absolutely since I have not compared it against another absolute reference, but on my $150 drop-weight machine (which has been modified so that pulley friction is reduced to nearly zero) it matches the weight indicated by the markings on the machine almost exactly (within 1 pound), and it gives the same result everytime. From playtesting, I can say the poundage indicated is very close to what I get from stringing shops. I highly recommend this product. For me it helped me identify the sources of friction in my cheapo machine and allowed me to modify it to become a machine I can depend on.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: Well I am surprised by the different comments on this product. I almost didn't order because of them. I got my new stringing machine in and all my racquets felt about 4-5 pounds tighter on my new Neos 1500 than the 1000 I had been using. The readings I were getting off of my STT was 3 pounds tight right after stringing and it is usually about 3 pounds lower than strung tension. I ordered expecting to be a waste of money but it was showing around 56 every time on a 50 lbs. pull. I waited hours and tried again. I tried every reason I could think of not to trust this device. From my feel and STT I believe this is a pretty valuable tool. I definitely adjusted my stringer. The only negative I can say about the product is that it is in 5 lbs. increments but it did not factor in on how I used the product.
From: Shannon, 8/11

Comments: Complete waste of money. Used it how it says to calibrate the tension and it never gave the same readout. Thought it would help me out, but clearly I was blatantly wrong. Do not buy it as it will not help you out.
From: Kevin, Albany, NY, USA, 05/10

Comments: The jury is still out on this device. I bought it to check the tension on the stringer, checked with one a Gamma (borrowed) then with the one I bought Alpha (it came-in on same day), there was a difference of 10 lbs. between the two devices. Which do I trust? I'm a tennis coach and a 4.5 player so I string a lot of racquets. I don't know if I can trust this device or the one I borrowed.
From: Romeo, Laredo, Tx, USA. 1/09

Comments: Very easy to use. It works pretty accurately, Iím very happy with it.
From: Kash, East Bay, CA, USA, 01/09

Comments: It's hard to trust this with a drop weight stringer because it really depends on how much slack you leave in the string before putting it in the gripper. It is accurate when the right amount of slack is left, though.
From: Shane, Brisbane, Australia. 11/08

Comments: When it arrived I was concerned about the accuracy of this device. So I tied one end to a bar and hung known weights from the other end. It was accurate so I feel I can trust it on the stringing machine.
From: Ron, Sonora, CA, USA, 09/07

Comments: We got it with the stringer, REVO 4000, and it is thus far accurate.
From: Peter, Houston, TX, USA, 03/07

Comments: I LOVE this stringer. -- Nick, this is not a constant pull machine, so one has to know how to use it properly; +/- a # or two is not really an issue, unless you are a PRO making a lot of $$$ playing tennis.
From: Marcus, Houston, TX, USA, 03/07

Comments: I just purchased one. The device is ok. You can calibrate your machine with accuracy. By the time the tension calibrator reached me I calibrated my machine with a precise digital fishing scale. When arrived, the tension calibrator (which is Gamma) indicated me exactly the same tension as the machine. So you can definitely trust this device.
From: Gabriel, Romania 04/06

Comments: I've spoken with USPTR stringers, players (pro & amateur), and club pros, and all agree that post-strung calibration devices are pretty much useless.
From: Steve, Frankfort, KY, USA 04/06

Comments: I agree with Nick about the disappointment. Although this picture shows an Alpha one, what I received was actually a Gamma one. The markings are only every 5 lbs, making it impossible to take a precise reading. I didn't have problems with it giving different tensions though, the spring mechanism seems fairly consistent to me. Other people have suggested using a digital fish scale meter, which you can presumably get on sale for less. Haven't looked into details myself.
From: John, Austin, TX, USA 12/05

Comments: I bought this for my stringing machine a few days ago and I was kind of disappointed. Sometimes it will give you different string tensions and I do not really know the real tension. If I were you, don't bother with this, borrow or buy a digital and more expensive string calibrator.
From: Nick, Houston, TX USA 12/05

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