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Comments: This is the best string for elbow/shoulder problems. It is very durable and it blends with natural gut on cross nicely. A high recommendation. The price is not cheap but pain in elbow is worse than the cost of string.
From: Moe, MN 01/10

Comments: String feels soft and plays great. Fist hit was wow....what a great string!! Wish it were priced a little lower.
From: Joe, Ellicott City, MD, USA. 8/09

Comments: I must say this is the best arm friendly string I've ever used! The strings feels so soft and comfortable that my elbow had no pain! I didn't even wear an elbow brace and I didn't even had to ice my elbow or take pain killers. I now swear by this strings. Good job Gamma! By the way, I use a old Wilson hammer stretch racquet. It is not arm friendly because it is very long and light - 28 inch but the Gamma RX strings really did the trick. I'm so used to this racquet that I don't ever want to switch to another racquet.
From: Taylor, Boca Raton, FL USA 02/06

Comments: Not to sound like a Gamma shill because I am a lover of Prince synthetic, but I have noticed, compared to classic synthetics (my traditional choice is the original Prince synthetic for crispness and feel) that Gamma Rx is much easier on the elbow. Especially when coupled with the Gamma Shockbuster II. This pair has almost totally eliminated my elbow problems even with the occasional frameshot serve. Yes, you will lose some feel as even by site you can see the pearlized surface of the Gamma Rx. One interested thing is that the string starts to fray visibly in the sweet spot, when it gets near the time to break, so you getting a heads up for new string. My style? 6'5", big serves - flat and medium-spin first, spin kick second, mixed serve and volley - baseline game, light to medium topspin groundstrokes.
From: Todd, Roanoke, VA, and Syracuse, NY, USA. 8/03

Comments: This is a nice feeling string, very soft and easy on the arm. It's definitely worth trying for someone with arm problems. However, I find that now that my arm's better, I prefer a string with a crisper feel. I don't break strings, so I can't comment on durability.
From: Ann, San Diego, CA, USA. 4/03

Comments: I have use TNT RX 17 in my racquet. I have been pleased with the results for the most part. It plays well and is pretty easy on my arm. I hit flat shots so I don�t break a whole lot of string.
From: Mark, Dekalb, IL. USA 2/03

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