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Unique Prescription Eyewear Adapter

Comments: See my above comments.  Still using these at the club and in tournaments all the time.. all I can additionally say with the perspective of time is to wholeheatedly agree with my above comments and add that after 2 years the Unique outer goggles are developing stress cracks in the polycarbonate near the nose area because they have to be bent out some to fit the inner adapter in place so I will replace the outer Goggles soon, probably try one of the other brands that fit onto this prescription adapter.  This whole set up is actually a really good deal. 
From: Karl M., Las Vegas, NV, USA, 10/16
Skill-level: A/B 

Comments: can't beat the price and it does work as sure to buy 2 or three of these because the outer rim is so flimsy that it cracks and the prescription lens then falls out, sooner or later this will happen, especially if subject to impact, which inevitably occurs if they get hit with a racquetball.  Custom made prescription lenses cost about $100 in my area (if you already have the optomitrist's prescription).  When the rim on this adapter breaks, you can't be simply place the lenses into you second of third adapter because they won't fit in without an optician manipulating the lenses into the new adapter by using their secret sauce. 
From: Karl M., Las Vegas, NV, USA, 03/15
Skill-level: A/B 

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