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Comments: THE best E-force racquet out there - PERIOD! Tried new Invasion line and this racquet doesn't rattle like them... Hit with HS 2.0 (160g) for over a year and when I got the 170, VERY NOTICEABLE difference! More power, more lethal shots... everything! Should have got this racquet first, but it took me buying a HS 2.0 160 and even an Invasion 160 to learn that the end of the line is this racquet! Demo them all, but the 170 is the way to go! More power than any other racquet!!!

From: Wes P., Estero, FL, USA, 12/12
String type and tension: Wilson Hyperion Power ~ 28#

Comments: I use the 170 grams racquet, Probably the best racquet i have used so far. The racquet has a sweet spot that is easy to find and it is an added advantage for people with power and fast reflexes.

From: TEJ, Dallas, TX, USA, 08/12
Skill-level: Mens Elite
String type and tension: E-force 17 Gauge

Comments: This was one of the 4 racquets I got with the racquetball warehouse demo program and I was definitely impressed with this racquet. The power of this racquet is unmatched and it hit the ball noticeably faster than all the others. Getting control from this racquet took some time to adjust to, I mainly think it is due to the very small handle, but once I got a few games in I was hit great ceiling balls, passes, and returns. Let 2 other players play some games with this racquet and they were split on how they felt about the racquet, but both were impressed with the power. This will be my racquet of choice, but I would highly suggest you demo this one before you buy.
From: Joshua, Arlington, TX, USA, 05/12
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: I have 2 of these 170 2.0's and they are the most stable, powerful racquets I have played in 30 years. Don't even need a shock absorbing band. Wish the same guys would work on the new bags...Heatseeker goes from good to great!

From: Klaus, OH, USA, 04/12
String type and tension: Prince Premier 29lbs

Comments: I really disliked the 1.0 after loving the 170 Command flex. I tried this racquet after watching Ben Croft serve the ball 144mph on his getting tech video since serving is the strongest part of my game. E-force really upgraded this racquet it didn't feel gimmicky. The first one felt real lite, the boosters rattled the strings and would get very loose. The 2.0 is a 180g frame, which feels stronger, boosters don't rattle and the strings stay in place way better than any 170 E-Force I have owned.
From: Al, Lompoc CA, USA, 11/11

Comments: Heatseeker was a great racquet! Wish you guys would post the balance of the new Heatseeker 2.0!

From: Michael, Hialeah, FL, USA, 08/11
String type and tension: 32-30

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