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Comments: This racquet is the most versatile, reliable and reactive racquet that I have ever owned. The response of this racquet allows me to make gets I never got before. From the back wall I can flick the ball with ease. In the front court, I can react to down the line shots with ease. When I can get set up for the ball, the power that comes from the racquet is just awesome. The speed, the control in which I hit the ball is something you really have to experience to believe. Also I have to mention that I have no more elbow pain after a session. I will never play any other brand name other than E-force because of this fact as well. I can play 4 hours and not come out sore. I experimented with different tensions and found that at 28 lbs. the racquet is just right for me. This tension is at the lower end of the spectrum but WOW the response is just great.
From: Jim, CA, USA, 11/11
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: 17 gauge @ 28 lbs.

Comments: Been playing this racquet for the past few weeks.  Absolutely the best racquet I have played in 30 years.  I added some grommet tape to the head to add just a tad more front end mass...huge difference in getting the front end around to me.
From: Klaus, OH, USA
String type and tension: factory

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