customer review

Comments: This is a great racquet for me.  Plays better than I do.  I like the heavier 190 grams - seems to save wear & tear on my arm.
From: Dave, Germany, 04/14
Skill-level: Intermediate
String type and tension: Prince upgrade/factory tension 

Comments: When I ordered the Racquet they told me to set the string tension at 32 pounds for more power that was way off it had none  When I emailed back to tell them the problem they said no one whould ever say that well I DIDN,T MAKE IT UP I had the racquet restrung at 36 pounds at my cost much better,other than that I the racquet,s ok.   
From: Bob, MA, USA, 04/14
Skill-level: B 
[Bob, All things being equal, a lower tension (within reason) will create a more elastic stringbed and provide more power, while increasing the tension above the manufacturer-recommended mid-point will provide more control. Keep in mind that reference tension (set on a stringing machine) will not be the same as actual tension measured on the stringbed afterwards, and each type of stringing machine will create slightly different tensions (lockout vs. constant pull). -Rick, RbW] 

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