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Comments: I never had a racquet that snapped clean though on both side about 3 inches from the handle , the racquet is about 9 months old. absolutely no help from E-Force.
From: Joe, Lafayette, IN, USA, 11/16
Skill-level: B/A 

Comments: I too purchased a warehead racquet and like Jack has said it snapped on both sides, about 15cm from the top of the handle, so as i have just read the review i don't  think i will purchace another one.
From: Melissa M., Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia 

Comments: I've always liked E-Force racquets, but this one broke clean through after using it for 4 weeks. I exchanged it, thinking it was a fluke, but the next one broke in the same spot 4 weeks later. I'm very careful with my racquets and the other players were quite surprised both times that it broke in the middle of a game. I explained it to E-Force, hoping for some explanation or apology and got neither...just a suggestion to buy a more expensive racquet. Goodbye E-Force, time to move on to some other brand.
From: Jack, Stuttgart, Germany (US Military), 03/13
Skill-level: B

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