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Comments: Borrowed this racquet used few times hit no walls or floor, had noticed broken upper corners, maybe from hitting ball off upper frame. Have played for many years never had this happen will stick to my head i165 much stronger. 
From: John, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 09/14
Skill-level: b 

Comments: Just broke my 4th of these racquets recently. ave had several over the past few years. I've been playing competitively for over 32 years, so am no newbie wall-whacker. As others say, "I love the feel of it and would like to stay close to the same.", etc. This last one held up longer than expected, but am over the idea of having to replace such a fragile weapon that should be a lot more durable. Anyway, any recommendations on a similar, more reliable raquet would be appreciated. 
From: Rick, San Diego, CA, USA, 07/14
Skill-level: A/B+
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: I have broken 3 of the four of these racquets in nearly the same spot after playing with them just over a year.  This is without hitting a wall.  I read other comments about the weakness and am reluctant to buy another. Any suggestions for a replacement with similar feel.  I love the feel of it and would like to stay close to the same. Have never had them long enough to re-string.
From: Bob, Ferrum, 07/14
Skill-level: A-/B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Great Racquet for the price. It took me a few weeks to get used to it but I soon felt like it was an extension of my hand. I have had it for 2 years and the racquet has held up well (never broke, rock solid)...restrung multiple times and the stringing makes a big difference. I have bought nothing but Ektelon racquets since. I have the Copper O3 and the DPR Magnum Lite as well now.
From: Mike, Lake Oswego, OR, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: A-
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Broke the racket within a few months of getting it. Miss hit the ball off the frame and that's all it took. Ektelon sent me a new racket and I've hade it for over a year now. The frame has a high sweet spot which suits my swing. Good combination of power and control. I do notice that when I miss-hit the ball the racquet is not very forgiving. Not a bad racquet for $99 if the frame holds.
From: David, Upland, CA, USA, 12/12
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: Broke the racket within a few months of getting it. Miss hit the ball off the frame and that's all it took. Ektelon sent me a new racket and I've had it for over a year now. The frame has a high sweet spot which suits my swing. Good combination of power and control. I do notice that when I miss-hit the ball the racquet is not very forgiving. Not a bad racquet for $99 if the frame holds.
From: David, Upland, CA, USA, 12/12
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: I am a player that spends more money on strings and rackets than I do on gym fees. I have used Ektelon all my life. I have gone through 4 O3 blacks 3 whites and now im trying the reds. For the price of course, I do my own stringing and gripping and Im praying this one last a while. I can handle the strings breaking but frames..ugh!
From: Anthony, Burnet, TX, USA, 07/12
String type and tension: 17 g. 32 lbs

Comments: I feel this is one of the best playing racquets.  This racquet has a lot of control and power, I was not happy with the factory strings seem to stiff.  I tried E-Force oxygen 17 still did not fit the bill. I restrung with Forten sweet 17 at 30 lbs the racquet then lost a lot of control with no real gain in power, I then restrung with Forten at 33lbs set on the machine and racquet settled in to be quite amazing.
For those of you having vibration problems do not weave your dampener through every string .
(Starting on the left or short side of racquet attach dampener then go over top of 1 string and then under 3 strings then over 3strings and then under 3 strings then over 3 strings and under 1 string and then attach to final string on right side)
vibration is gone
I hope this info helps  Getcha One
From: Mark, FL, USA, 01/12
String type and tension: Forten sweet 17 33lbs

Comments: Very tight racquet.  Plays very clean with good power and control.  Did not have any problem with the dampener at all.
From: Craig, Lambert, MT, USA, 03/11 
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: this racquet hits great but does not last at all very fragile. my second day playing with it and already broke. i am very disappointed and sending back to Ektelon to see if i can get a new one. i just heard the pop on the racquet after a normal point and notice two points after. never hit the wall with it so don't really know what happened. 
From: Jesus, Laredo, TX, USA, 02/11

Comments: Very nice racquet. Played with it for a little while now and must admit, it's very nice. In my tournament, I'm 3-1 so I like this racquet. It has great power and very easy to kill the ball. I am switching over to the 03 white and this will be my back up but over all amazing racquet and will improve your game!!!!
From:Dillan Simpson
City, State, Country:Carrollton GA
String type and tension:factory strings

Comments: I love this racquet but it is killing my elbow. I had to take Motrin this morning for the pain. I am going to try new strings and a lighter tension.
City,State,Country: Morganton, NC USA
Skill-level:Intermediate String type and tension: Stock

Comments: I really like this racquet. I found that the Ektelon Silencer will dampen almost all the vibration if you place it so it lays across the centermost eight strings. As far as playability, it was very accurate, seemed manueverable, and felt very stable. And this was a used O3 Red as well. If you like the type of weight and balance this racquet provides, give it a shot. You may be pleasantly surprised.
City, State, Country: OH
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Tecnifibre 505, 17 gauge

Comments: Ive had the racquet for two days and already love it, im hitting the ball with power that my previous head racquet couldnt get close to. The racquet is balanced very nicely and is lightweight for those with quick swing speeds. In two days my shot placement has improved greatly. For those before me that say the racquet vibrates a ton, all you need to do is push the dampener flush against the first string above it, this will get rid of all vibrations. For those who are trying to decide between this one and the DPR, definitely spend the 10 bucks extra for this racquet.
From: Jeremy
USA 02/09
Skill-level: C
String type and Tension: Factory

Comments: A very good racquet But had to replace it three times. Looking for another racquet with same fill that will last longer.
From: Sherwood
City, State, Country:Durham, NC

Comments: Great racquet . . . if you don't mind replacing it every 6 months. I've been playing under a student sponsor package for the last three years and have gone through 8-9 racquets. Now that I'm no longer sponsored, I'm switching to a more dependable brand.
From: Dave Cullen
Mesa, Az, USA
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: Excellent Racquet and I will recommended it to anyone that want to improve its game. You have to make sure that you have the right pattern for the dampener. If you have it wrong you will feel the vibration but if you have it right, you will not feel anything at all and you will be hitting that ball like never before. Great power and control from front and back of the court. I liked to do some tricky soft touches now and then and I don't feel this racquet is good for that, but just learning how to do them with it anyway. Factory strings have to go, they are terrible. I put some E-Force strings and it works super.
From: Pierre
Skill-level: B Open
String type and tension: 32lbs

Comments: The O3 will have vibration if the dampener is placed through the strings incorrectly. I believe the correct pattern from the short side is over two strings, under three strings, over three strings, then under two. (Not sure since my racquet is not in front of me). This was from the Ektelon rep, so if I have it wrong, you may mention it to your club manager to talk to the Ektelon rep) It looks weird since the dampener doesn't seem to touch some of the strings but if the damper is alternating ever other string, the vibration will be noticeable. Using this pattern, there is no noticeable vibration in my racquet.
My biggest complaint is broken strings. About every three weeks I have to restring. I only play 3 to 4 times per week, 1-2 hours per time.
From: WH Holder
Salt Lake, Utah 01/08

Comments: I have had the Ektelon O3 Black less than 3 months and I had to replace the strings. Then 1 week after replacing the strings, the frame cracks. I didn't string it past it's recommended tension. I rarely ever hit the walls on a swing so I can't attribute the frame cracking to abuse. I borrowed a fellow player's Ektelon O3 Red for a while. Anyway, 3 weeks into borrowing the Red, I had broken the strings and also cracked the frame. In the same fashion as the Black, in the same place. Durability on this racquet and the Ektelon O3 Black are to be questioned. My Black is still "under inspection" by Ektelon. Hope they find their QC was faulty.
From: Chris
San Francisco, CA 10/07
String type and tension: OEM

Comments: I've played for over 20 years and never have had elbow pain. I love the racquet but it destroyed my elbow in 3 months. Luckily I broke it and had it sent back. During that time playing with my old E-force my elbow recovered. When I got the Ektelon back it only took 1 month for my elbow to hurt. I've tried restringing with Technifiber, dampers, everything. Great racquet but it's a killer on elbows!
From: Lorenzo
Santa Rosa, CA 11/06
Technifiber 17g, 30lbs.

Comments: wanted to move into the latest Ektelon since using the DPR Lite so I tried it....too much of a good thing for me...a lot more power without the effort and clean control but for me a sizable move from the DPR so I traded it for a second DPR. Now after breaking the DPR I am back to the 03 Red. I will give it a couple weeks to meld with me then buy a second one.
From: Charlie
Southern California 11/06

Comments: I Know the 03 Red is the best racquet I have played with as a ektelon player. I don't use factory strings and I don't feel any vibrations. The 03 black has a lot of vibrations. I broke two 03 red racquet in the last 8 months and Now I will be switching to Pro Kennex. I think the 03 red is a great racquet but I can't wait around for 2 or 3 months to always get a replacement.
From:Keoni, Maui String type and tension: Ashaway superkill II 17 gauge 34 lbs.

Comments: I really love the racquet but it has broken on me three times.I have not had a problem with vibrations since i switched dampners.I will try the 03 Black and see how it is.
From:David Radke Denver,Co

Comments: I have had this racquet for 2 weeks and I have to say that this racquet really takes you to the next level. It is full of power and the control is incredible. One thing that I did notice is that the racquet has some vibration.. nothing horrible but it is there. I am going to restring the racquet with technifibre Biphase and I am going to go for 32 lbs... I will play for a couple of weeks and then I will write again. (I heard that is the best string available)
From:Carlos Andres, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A. String type and tension: Stock

Comments:I purchased this racquet based on great reviews. I upgraded from an ektelon viper. This racquet has it all. It gives me precision shot placement and plenty of power. One thing that has to definately go is the stock strings. I switched to technifibre after about a month of stock strings and felt a major difference. Stock strings gave this racquet a little vibration but when I made the switch it pretty much disapeared. Great racquet and highly recommended!
From: Jaime, Tempe Arizona, U.S. String type and tension: Technifibre nrg2 18g, 32lbs

Comments: I love this racquet. Tons of control with great power. No problems with vibration. My only complaint - I just busted off one of the "Power Rings" that hold the middle strings located at the base of the head. I hit with reasonable power, but not enough that I should break the racquet. I hope this is just an odd occurrence.
From: Dave
Phoenix, Arizona, USA 03/06

Comments:Comments:One week and my elbow is killing me. I can feel the vibration on every hit. No matter if I am lobbing or nailing a power pass shot. I really love the balance and weight of the racket, but I've had to go back to my old racquet until I can get some advice on how to reduce the vibration. I am using the dampener that came with it along with the stock strings. Any advice on another string brand, tension, new grip, or another type of dampener that would help?
From: Dennis, Alexandria, LA, USA 03/06 String type and tension: Stock

Comments:The 03 Red is a player’s racquet. The faster the pace, the better you will play with the 03. The control is why I like it, but it is also very powerful. I'm sure Ektelon is having a good year with this one.
From: Al, Searcy, ARK, USA. 2/06
String type and tension: Lightning 16

Comments:The O3 red is a much better racquet than the DPR in balance, feel, and power. I broke 2 DPR's within 2 months. I had the O3 re-gripped and restrung from the start. It makes a HUGE difference. I play 4-5 times a week as mid B. It's been much more reliable and I am on the third set of strings and same Python grip. I love watching players whiff at the serves. It’s so nice to run a half dozen points on someone just on the serves. I am going to try the newest tecnifibre strings to see if the last longer.
From: MJ, Temecula, Ca USA. 2/06
String type and tension: Tecnifibre 17g 34-35 lbs.

Comments: I have been a happy user of the DPR Lite but did not want to find that all my buddies had the new O3 model while I limped along with last years "state of the art" racquet. I must say my first few trips to the court with the O3 were not love at first swipe...but after a few weeks of playing with it, I have become a believer. I don't really know how much more we can expect from the manufactures. All the new racquets are great and in the right hands can do amazing things. I think I shall change the stock strings on my racquet and see if that makes it even better. Overall, I would give it pretty darn high marks. It just took a little patience to get there.
From: Greg, Haiku, aui, Hawaii, USA. 12/05
String type and tension: Manufacture default

Comments:I do not understand the comments about vibration, my 03 does not have thos eproblems. In fact, it hits very well with outstanding control. The power it delivers is very real, and the balance is superb. I recommend this racquet to any racquetball player that wants a premium racquetball instrument to compete with.
From: Joe,USA. 12/05

Comments: I agree with the vibration problems. I have never had "tennis elbow" but after a week of daily play I am experiencing steady pain in my elbow plus tightness in my triceps. The racquet is good w/ incredible power and huge sweetspot but I will probably switch back to my DPR to save my elbow.
From: Ty, Columbus, OH
String type and tension: Technifibre 505 HPR @ 32lbs.

Comments: I was not sure about this racquet since I have been using a Head i.165. I played 2 hours of singles tonight and found the racquet to be more comfortable and agile. The stock strings have to go. I am going to the Technifibre strings I have on the Head racquet. I have more control on my serves and less strain on my elbow.
From: Jeff, Hollister, CA USA

Comments: This is, by far, the sweetest racquet I've ever played with. I'm surprised by some of the comments I've read about vibration problems, as I have experienced no such thing. The racquet is very, very solid, and I honestly haven't played with a racquet that is so responsive to more controlled, off-speed shots. The 03 Red is a real gem of a racquet. The power is immense. I've let a few friends hit with it, and they have all loved it - it is balanced differently than the DPR, so maybe that's why those with DPR's have a different perspective. This racquet is superior in every way. I play Elite Division, and style of play is *aggressive* control.
From:Eric ,Seattle, WA, USA , Ektelon Lightning (factory string & tension) 9/05

Comments: Unbelievable control and feel, complete with all the power you'll want. From soft touches to Mach 5 passes, this racquet will raise your game to the next level
From:Paul Nova Scotia Canada SilverXX at 32 lbs

Comments: I had a chance to hit this racquet at a demo night at my club. Racquet looks nice and feels light,lots of power, but I felt alot of vibration. I don't recommend this racquet for people that have sensitive elbows.
From:Edward City, State, Country: Santa Ana, Ca.

Comments: I have to disagree with the previous comment. This racquet has amazing balance and great power. The close-ups shots have control/accuracy and the power shots have zip. I do think the stock strings should be junked right away as when I got mine there were way too tight ~35-36lbs. Put a nice 17g and 18g string and you'll be impressed.
From:Justin City, State, Country: Chandler, AZ, USA String type and tension: Gamma TNT2 18g 31 lbs

Comments: I have to say that after playing with the DPR and then trying the O3 that the DPR is far better. I found the O3 to be very stringy with so much vibration it affected my elbow tremendously. I think the DPR has as much power, is very stiff and there is no vibration at all. I do not suggest the O3 or anyone that suffers with tennis elbow.
From: Chris. West Palm Beach, FL. 8/05

Comments: This racquet is great! It is light and not too stiff. The Dominant is stiffer. Be prepared, power! I've only played with it for about 2 1/2 weeks so I'm still getting used to it. It gives you a great feel for the ball. I'm sure it's not just the racquet but there has been more aces and roll-outs in my game.
From: Rico, Houston, Texas, U.S.A 07/05
String type and tension:stock

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